Important of Rituals

Rituals are sacred and powerful practices mentioned in every culture across the world to enhance a person’s spiritual chord. Rituals are an integral part of every culture that keeps us rooted to the traditions and to bring an orderly fashion to our lifestyle, work, and personal spiritual existence. There is a particular energy ambience, intention, and commitment behind every ritual performed. They are known to deepen one’s spiritual connection, awareness, and selfless devotion. Mindful nature and all the conscious acts associated with the rituals are proven to have a positive impact in the future of the performer/devotee. 

Rituals are also a great way to pass on wisdom and beliefs beyond generations. Rituals add meaning to life and make life experiences very memorable. The most iconic moments of our lives right from birthdays, weddings, holidays, and even last rites are marked by rituals & ceremonies. Performing Ritual can also be a spiritual response to anxiety or worry in order to invite the ‘Divine’ to clear one’s troubles. Every community in every society have their own rituals, traditions ,and practices. Many scientists or anthropologists have mentioned in various studies that people across cultures lean towards performing more religious rituals in times of uncertainty and stress, to access their divine energy world. Stressful health situations in life, financial threats and other material insecurity issues are often cleared through ritual activities.

Rituals are highly structured and designed to have both physical and energy level impact. Rituals are proved effective in creating a great impact on one’s mind by providing a sense of self-control, by imposing order in the chaos of uncertain life. It requires rigidity, discipline and must always be performed in the ‘prescribed’ way. Performing Rituals require complete attention and full presence. There are many ancient rituals that are in practice until now since their inner meaning and core nature are related to creating Good Karma and establishing Dharma, for instance, since Vedic times performing fire rituals- yajnas or homa is known to bring ‘The Divine into Action’.

Rituals or Prayers are an integral part of a devotee’s life. It is believed that these rituals help in material and spiritual betterment in life. Rituals are of many types- right from a simple gratitude prayer to Sun God or Mother Earth and extending to invoke the most ferocious ‘MahaKaal’ through a fire ritual. Every ritual is aimed at purifying/ cleansing one’s physical body, mind and energy body followed by energising with divine light. This is accomplished through meditation, Japa- silent prayers, Hatha yoga, reciting religious scriptures, group prayers/ meditation, performing charitable activities, and visiting a religious temple, or simply chanting the name of Almighty. 

Scientific Studies state that- People experienced lower anxiety after they performed rituals at temple which were measured using heart rate monitors. Also in the U.S.A, it is found that people who attended more group rituals and meditation seemed to have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Rituals are opportunities to receive the blessings of God. Performing rituals with utmost devotion and selfless way is a sure way to please the Lord to bestows His blessings on us. Here are some common rituals to introduce into your lifestyle,

Gratitude – Being grateful is often considered the first step to be receptive to the Divine. Being thankful makes us see something beyond self, to open our eyes to the play of God. Appreciating or expressing ‘thank you’ to someone makes us a channel of our Higher self. 

Japa - Japa means continuous recitation of Almighty’s name, audibly or in silence. This ritual i purifies the mind and fills all layers of devotee’s consciousness with spiritual energy of the Almighty. Regular chanting is scientifically proven to create positive vibrations in the mind and healthy environment for the body which lead to physical and spiritual transformation. 

Yagna/ Homa – A fire ritual where a small sacred fire is lit and positive energy offerings like food grains, silk cloth, and some fragrant tree barks and other substances are added to the Fire God. Vedic Mantras are chanted again and again, in repetition creating an ambience for the Divine energy to descend. Homa are usually performed for good beginnings, welfare of the family, to invite rains, and to annexe peace and prosperity in businesses.