Nakshatras and Trees

Every Nakshatra is symbolically associated with a tree or plant that depicts its very connection with the earth plane. It is extremely auspicious to plant and nurture the tree associated to your Janma Nakshatra. It often makes one of the best remedies to mitigate poor planetary positions in the birth chart. Even today in many rural parts of India, people follow the long-standing custom of planting 27 nakshatra trees—one for each nakshatra of the family member. This traditional method also plays a vital role in restoring or preserving the flora diversity on earth. 

Here is the list of Nakshatras and the trees associated with them.



1. Ashwini

Poison Nut Tree

2. Bharani

Amla Tree

3. Krittika

Cluster Fig Tree

4. Rohini

Jamun or Java Plum

5. Mrigashira

Cutch Tree

6. Ardra

Agar Wood or Krushnagus

7. Punarvasu


8. Pushya

Sacred Fig or Peepal

9. Ashlesha

Alexandrian Laurel or Champa

10. Magha

Banyan Tree

11. Purva Phalguni

Palash, Flame of the Forest

12. Uttara Phalguni

Rose Laurel, Juvvi Tree

13. Hasta

Hog Plum, Jaai

14. Chitra

Bilva, Golden Apple

15. Swati

Queen’s Flower, Arjun

16. Vishakha

Nagkesar or Wood Apple

17. Anuradha

Bakula, Nagkesa

18. Jyestha

Red Silk Cotton Tree

19. Mula

Salai, Black Dammar

20. Purva Ashada

Sita Ashoka

21. Uttara Ashada


22. Shravana

Swallow Wort Milkweed

23. Dhanishta

Shamee or Indian Mesquite

24. Shatabhishak

Kadamba or Common Bur Flower

25. Purva Bhadrapada

Pichamanda, Mango

26. Uttara Bhadrapada

Neem / Indian Lilac

27. Revati

Indian Butter Tree or Madhuca longifolia

Why should we Worship Trees?

Worshipping a tree invokes a sense of inclusiveness in us. To worship a tree is to worship nature; bowing to a tree also grants outstanding advantages to us. We can plant saplings of the tree in the temple premises and visit quite often to nurture and care for the plant.

How to worship a tree? 

We can offer whole Akshata (rice grains mixed with turmeric), Kumkum to the tree or to the root part to pay gratitude.

  • Offering water and turmeric would bring happiness and luck to the native who worships tree of their Janma Nakshatra.

  • Chanting hymns and practicing pranayama under the tree and performing meditation to expand consciousness are the best ways to connect with the tree of our Janma nakshatra. 

  • Regularly watering, circling it 11 times, and touching it will grant all your wishes and remove all obstacles.

  • We can routinely circumambulate the tree in seven rounds, offer water to the tree after every circumambulation.

  • Fridays and Pournima are auspicious to worship Janma Nakshatra trees to make most blessings. 

  • Offering sugar to the tree is also suggested as a remedy in many scriptures. This sugar is often consumed by insects and ants surrounding the tree.  

  • In the case of nakshatras of trees with edible leaves like Purva Bhadrapada- Uttara Bhadrapada, Punarvasu, like mango, neem or bamboo, natives can consume a few twigs of leaves to welcome good fortune in their life.  

  • Wearing flowers of your Janma nakshatra on your hair also makes us receptive of the tree’s blessings and many divine benefits. 

  • Natives can also carry a small piece of bark of their nakshatra tree to bring a dash of luck into their lives.