Significance of every Astrological House, Explained

First House – The House of Self

Often called the Ascendant, First House defines everything about a person. This house represents the body we are born in, physical appearance, inherent responses, self-identity, and overall temperament. Natal planets that occupy ascendant have a strong influence in a person's life. This House corresponds with Aries energy.

Second House - The House of Possessions

Second House is related to money-finances, material possessions, and assets. It rules monetary benefits, in addition to our emotional values. Planets in this House tend to influence the material world of a person. The Zodiac of this house is Taurus.

Third House - House of Communication

Third house governs siblings, communication, self-motivation, and ability to build close relationships with external environment like peers, neighbors, or classmates. Planets in the Third House often render information about immediate circle of network. This House corresponds to Gemini sign.

Fourth House - House of Home and Family

Fourth House includes important emotional aspects like home, sense of security, maternal chords, and lineage. Children, self-care, and emotional safety are indicated in this house. Fourth House often indicates the roots and foundational nature of a person’s home or upbringing. Planets in this house propel us to invest in emotional infrastructure to feel safe and loved. This House is indicated with Cancer.

Fifth House - House of Pleasure

Fifth house is intrinsically linked with creativity, romance, and self-expression. Planets in the Fifth House enhance artistic expression or determine how an individual uses creativity to express their ideas or emotions. Fifth House is all about what makes a person feel good and joyful. This House corresponds to Leo zodiac.

Sixth House - House of Health

Sixth House represents health, mental wellness, and everyday routine. This house reminds us to pay attention to physical and mental well-being by bringing order or structure to everything we do. Good work-life balance and emotional wellness are greatly influenced by planets in this house. This House corresponds to Virgo sign.

Seventh House - House of Partnerships

Seventh House or the Descendent represents everything that is opposite to what the first house stands for. Establishing balance between two forces is the golden goal of this seventh house. This house impacts the concept of perspective or introspection. Seventh House symbolizes contracts, marriages, and business exchanges or romantic partners and other important relationships. Planets in this house gravitate a person towards partnership in all aspects of life. This House corresponds with Libra sign.

Eighth House- House of Sex, Death, and Transformation

Eighth House denotes mystic, transformational events like the birth- death- rebirth cycle, physical union, and deep bonding, or identification with soul. It also indicates how a person would enjoy unearned money and energy like lottery wins, inheritances, and passive income through investments. Planets posited in this house help us get to the underbelly of critical life situations and serve a constant reminder of uncertainty. Eighth House corresponds with Scorpio sign.

Ninth House -House of Philosophy

Ninth House is well connected to expanded thinking, travel, philosophy, and higher learning. It represents both literal and intellectual mode of exploration, resulting in deep-rooted wanderlust. Planets in the Ninth House encourages the native to learn and explore learn new things or to accept changes. This House represents Sagittarius sign.

Tenth House -House of Social Status

Traditions, legacy, and institutional protocols, structures are ruled by the Tenth House. It is basically called the ‘House of popularity’. Tenth House also governs a native’s public image, professional dreams, and business/career achievements. Planets in the Tenth House reveal information on an individual’s ambitions, and career changes. This house corresponds to Capricorn sign.

Eleventh House -House of Friendship

Eleventh House governs all things related to large groups of people or crowd. It is also closely associated with wishes, hopes about future and ideals. Native’s friendships, networks, coworkers, and teams are determined by this house. Planets in this house help a person broaden their roles or support system in the society. This House corresponds with Aquarius energy.

The Twelfth House of the Unconscious

The Twelfth House, just like the twelfth chakra that is outside of the physical body, is located just beneath the horizon. This house represents closure, endings, and the last stages of projects, old age of a native. This house is linked to the subconscious and the afterlife or dream spaces of a person. Twelfth House is often considered the "unseen realm" in Vedic Astrology. Planets located in this house shows the karmic relationships we have with people and its nature. This House corresponds with Pisces sign.