Vedic Secrets to access Divine Adityas Devatas

Adityas are the twelve Divine forces who are offsprings of Goddess Aditi and Sun God. Goddess Aditi represents infinity and Sun God represents the very source of living energy. Every zodiac sign or moon sign is aligned with an Aditya avatar. Adityas are celestial beings who nurture and nourish zodiac signs. Adityas Devatas are also responsible for the functioning of the Solar universe.

Adityas in Vedas

Aditya in Sanskrit (??????) directly translates to "of Aditi", meaning 'the offspring of Aditi'. Rig Veda describes Adityas as bright, shiny, and pure as streams of pristine water, free from all flaws, falsehood, and imperfections. In Bhagavata Purana, a total of 12 Adityas or twelve Sun gods are mentioned who guard and nourish every zodiac. Every month of the year is assigned for a different Aditya. All these 12 Adityas are also seen as the opulent extensions of Lord Vishnu in the form of Sun God. Aditya Devatas are a unique class of deities who have been attributed to upholding the Dharma or righteousness of the earth plane. Aditya Devata are the beneficent celestial beings acting as protectors of all beings. 

As per Bhagavata Purana, the 12 Adityas are, 

  1. Vishnu 

  2. Aryama 

  3. Indra 

  4. Tvashtha 

  5. Varuna 

  6. Dhata 

  7. Bhaga 

  8. Parjanya 

  9. Vivasvan 

  10. Amshuman 

  11. Mitra 

  12. Pushya 

Attributes of Adityas

Every Aditya, as a class of Demi-gods, holds certain attributes and functions on the earth plane to sustain the eternal law. As Vishnu, this Aditya destroys the foes or demons of the Gods. As Aryama, this lord is in the wind and controls the wind. Indra guards and nourish the living beings on the earth. Aditya devata Tvashta lives in the trees and herbs guarding the flora of the earth. Varuna, this Aditya devata is said to be lord of the rain. As Dhata, this Aditya creates living beings. Bhaga, is the lord of the physical body (sthoola) of all living beings. Parjanya Aditya showers down as rain on fauna. As Vivasvan, this lord is said to be present in fire and helps to cook food. Amshumana, is again the lord of the wind. Mitra is present in the moon and in the water bodies of the earth. Pushya fetches prana for the foodgrains to grow. 

When to Honor the Adityas?

Since Aditya devatas are close to Sun God, it is ideal to worship and honour Aditya of your corresponding moonsign during the Sun transit. Transit of Sun also awakens the Aditya of that sign and solar chakras of the physical body.  

For example, if the Sun is transiting to the sign of Cancer worship the Aditya connected to Cancer sign, Varuna Aditya.

How to honour Adityas?

Every morning you can worship the Sun God with the relevant mantra for your zodiac. Adityas have a great impact on both our physical and energy body. We chant the respective Aditya mantra when feeling lethargic, tired, or even restless. During Sun transit, based on the house of the Natal Sun, you can choose an Aditya for the area of your life you want to improve; for instance, if you are looking to improve your career and your natal Sun is in Virgo, you can pray to Aditya of the 10th house which is Gemini, so Mitra Aditya. 

  • Aries- Dhata- Aum Ghrinih Dhata Aditya 

  • Taurus- Aryaman Aditya- Aum Ghrinih AryamaAditya 

  • Gemini- Mithra Aditya- Aum Ghrinih MithrAditya 

  • Cancer- Varuna Aditya- Aum Ghrinih VarunAditya 

  • Leo- Indra Aditya- Aum Ghrinih IndrAditya 

  • Virgo- Vivasvan Aditya- Aum Ghrinih VivasvaAditya 

  • Libra- Pushya Aditya- Aum Ghrinih PushyAditya 

  • Scorpio- Parjanya Aditya- Aum Ghrinih ParjanyAditya 

  • Sagittarius- Anshuman Aditya- Aum Ghrinih AnshumanAditya 

  • Capricorn- Bhaga Aditya- Aum Ghrinih BhagaAditya 

  • Aquarius- Tvashtha Aditya- Aum Ghrinih TvashthAditya  

  • Pisces - Vishnu Aditya- Aum Ghrinih VishnuAditya!