Jupiter Mahadasha

Jupiter is a benefic planet that represents wisdom, wealth, and gold. It can bestow inner strength, a sense of righteousness, and prosperity. Jupiter is referred to as Guru- teacher, who leads us in the path of dharma and aids moral deeds. Guru’s influence can make a native sincere and honest. He fills one’s psyche with genuine thoughts, spiritual beliefs, and pious deeds. Jupiter is called puthira karaka - the significator of children and dhana karaka -wealth.

Jupiter aspects over various areas like business, psychology, spirituality, politics, administration, banking, education & administration, finance. The timespan of Jupiter MahaDasha is 16 years. When Jupiter is well placed in the chart, the native accumulates a significant amount of material wealth and enjoys many joyous moments throughout the dasa. If Jupiter is poorly placed, the native suffers from financial instability, obstacles through spouse and children. 

The common effects of Jupiter Mahadasha are,  

  • Happy family life, compatible partner, intelligent children 
  • Conjugal bliss with their spouse. 
  • Native children will be immensely successful. 
  • Great success in professional life and business partnerships  
  • Native’s shine well in politics, businesses, and the art industry 
  • Ensured success in educational fields and careers associated with this field 
  • Health ailments relating to the liver, feet, right ear can occur.  
  • Cordial, smooth relationships among friends and family members 
  • A new friendship with influential and powerful people 
  • Malefic effects include frustration, bad reputation, strained relationships with family. Poor financial status, futile efforts at work.  

Jupiter Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Combination of Jupiter dasa Jupiter Bhukti is a positive duo that can bring out positivity and success in life. Effects of Jupiter Dasa – Jupiter Bhukti are, 

  • Imparts good health and calm mind, success in all endeavors 
  • The accomplishment of long-term goals, strong respect in society. 
  • Expansion in all possible forms-happiness, higher education, new business units, and professional life 
  • Educational scholarships and overseas education programs   
  • Religious rituals, pilgrimages 
  • New hope and comforts in life, wealth gains 
  • Philosophical ray in life- meditation, theosophical reading 
  • Negative impacts may be losing wealth, failures, and wrath, leading to detachment from family and children. 

Jupiter MahaDasha Saturn Antardasha

Jupiter being benefic and Saturn being malefic balances this dasabhukti, brings in equal good and bad effects.  

  • Clear conscience and spiritual strength to align with dharma and to expel negative forces 
  • Chances of health challenges in bones, teeth, skin 
  • New responsibilities and more authority at the workplace 
  • Resourceful and enthusiastic behavior  
  • Benefits through father and mentors 
  • Negative effects might result in disputes or legal battles with father, higher authority at a word, health ailments.

Jupiter Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Both Jupiter and Mercury are considered highly benefic planets, and their association brings a subtle dasabhukti phase.   

  • Jupiter and Mercury aid the attainment of true wisdom and intellect.  
  • Desire to learn, study or acquire new skills 
  • Respect and dignity in profession and society 
  • Well-balanced Spiritual seeking and familial bliss. 
  • Bad placement of these planets can result in unpleasant events like imbalanced emotions, unreasonable levels of frustration. 
  • Loss of finances and physical health deterioration towards the end of the Dasha 
  • Dangers through vandalism, robbery during journeys 

Jupiter Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

Jupiter and Ketu are karmic mirrors and together aid spiritual pursuit. However, if one of them is weak, it causes instability, threats from the occult, and incorrect spiritual practices.  

  • Good placement of Jupiter and Mercury ensures enhanced ability to analyze, plan, execute  
  • Good communication skills, clarity of speech, ability to express ideas 
  • Great support from peers, brothers, a brother like figures 
  • Courage and mental strength to lead, instruct and guide 
  • Bad placements can cause restlessness and anxiety in the mind  
  • Financial instability and no interest in earning money 
  • Deterred progress, rejections at work 
  • In some cases, death might occur 
  • The unreasonable feeling of emptiness and abandonment 

Jupiter Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Jupiter and Venus are gurus with opposite ideologies. Their correlation could be most beneficial and might pose some difficulties as well. The following are the effects of Jupiter dasa – Venus Bhukti, 

  • Good intellect, leadership skills, and great mentorship 
  • Material wealth, worldly luxuries, and comfort 
  • Good, working romantic relationships and business partnerships  
  • New vehicles, houses, and new friendships  
  • Bad placement affects the morality of a person and can cause marital infidelity 
  • Digestive disorders, mental stress, and depression 
  • Addiction to bad habits and influences  
  • Quarrels with spouse’s family 

Jupiter Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

Sun is a powerful planet, and in association with Jupiter, it adorns the native’s life with power, authority, and immense happiness.  

  • Intelligence, creativity, and confidence peaks 
  • Good phase for political gains and power 
  • Authority, efficient leadership with dharma in professional and social life 
  • Promotions, new financial assets, and money through speculative businesses 
  • Careers in arts, cinema, and writing flourish 
  • Happy and contented family life  
  • Good health and calm state of mind to enjoy worldly comforts  
  • Marriage, Childbirth, and new job  
  • Bad placements can cause overpowering of enemies, distress 
  • Problems through children, body heat problems, and lethargy. 

Jupiter Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

Moon is considered a subtle, mellow planet; when combined with Jupiter, it can make a native blissful and humble. If the moon is weak in the chart, the native might go through confusion, emotional turmoil, unstable state of mind. 

  • Cordial relations with leaders, peers at work 
  • Respect and dignity in the society  
  • Better bonding with mother or maternal figures and also Mother Earth in the form of being closely associated with home-land cultures.  
  • nurture and nourishing character will be enhanced 
  • Comfortable life coupled with strong emotional security. 
  • This is a period to enjoy worldly pleasures and luxuries. 
  • Weak placements can cause diseases related to the physical water elements like blood, bodily fluids Peace of mind and emotional comfort from the mother will be denied.  
  • Chances of moving away from home.  

Jupiter Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

Mars is dynamic, fiery, and potent and exerts both benefic and malefic effects on the native based on its planetary position in the birth chart. With Jupiter, this dasabhukti turn out to be a positive one. Effects of Jupiter Dasa – Mars Bhukti are,  

  • Innovative professional initiatives with massive success. 
  • Bravery and courage leads to social respect 
  • Support and benefit from brother and elders from the family 
  • Adventurous activities and travel 
  • Winning over enemies through wise and tactful planning 
  • The start of the period is troublesome than the latter part. 
  • Diseases due to ‘over-heating affecting eyes, digestion, and blood  
  • Bad placements can cause unnecessary aggression, arguments, and hot-headed behavior  
  • Loss of wealth and house, along with some inauspicious events 
  • Loss of physical stamina and strength due to Mars 

Jupiter Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha

Rahu is generally considered malefic and poses negative impacts. Jupiter imposes good effects. Rahu is extremely opposite to the nature of Jupiter, so that the dasabhukti will have both positive and negative effects. The influences of Jupiter Dasa, Rahu Bhukti are, 

  • Misplaced hopes and misdirected charity work  
  • Calculative, sneaky, and unruly behavior 
  • Unwanted enmity and disputes 
  • Downfall in career or loss of job 
  • Financial instability and huge expenses 
  • Danger from thieves, power, and snakes 
  • Powerful placements of Jupiter and Rahu can result in high ambitions, good health, spiritual progress, and powerful gurus. 

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