Ketu Mahadasha

Ketu is referred to as one of the malefic planets in Vedic astrology due to His ability to make a native see the ultimate cosmic truth through suffering. He is called the “Moksha Karaka“ He is the ultimate bestower of spiritual knowledge and liberation. Once the native has realized the truth and inner self, Ketu will ply their life with all luxuries, riches, and material wealth that enables usage of this wealth towards the universal purpose. Ketu can also bestow Moksha- liberation. Ketu mahadasha is of 7 years duration.

Good placement of Ketu can lead to grace from a powerful Guru towards enlightenment, detachment and disassociation enabled salvation, secret spiritual techniques like the occult, astral travel, and healing abilities. Wealth from overseas business partnerships and deals, a business that deals with intangible, nonphysical stuff like stock markets, bitcoins are possible.

Malefic influence or weak placements of Ketu results in abandoning family, taking up monkhood, or sanyasa. It can also cause accidents leading to amputations, business losses, diseases, mental stress and anxiety, the demise of loved ones, and conflicts in marital life. 

Ketu Mahadasha’s common effects are,

  • Good placement of Ketu can give good professional growth and business opportunities
  • Ability to learn nuances towards work domain  
  • New assets like houses, lands, etc 
  • Bad placements can cause constant challenges with mother and family members 
  • Delays and hurdles in acquisition wealth and finances  
  • Difficulty in completion of education  
  • Business loss and mental distress because of the losses 
  • Fear of accidents, physical injury, and vehicles  
  • Defamation at work and personal life

Ketu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

Ketu in both dasa and bhukthi can cause adverse effects and creates a harsh atmosphere for everyone around the native. Effects of Ketu Dasa – Ketu Bhukti are,  

  • Sickness and health hazards relating to health  
  • The native might feel lonely, disturbed, and weak all the time 
  • Harsh criticism in personal and professional life 
  • Lives in the past sad, painful memories  
  • Too many struggles and no fruitful results 
  • Evil and negative influences  
  • Loss through fire, theft, and scams 
  • Positive effects may include recognition of spiritual pursuits, rewards, and familial happiness

Ketu Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Venus brings positive influences in this period, and Ketu continues to pose serious negative effects. The dasabhukti is characterized by these effects,

  • Fights and arguments in relationships and with children 
  • Hostile behavior at work and among friends. Obstacles at the professional front result in minimal Stunted professional growth and financial situations 
  • Legal or interim Familial separation from loved ones 
  • This dasabhukti makes the native vulnerable emotionally and physically.  
  • They tend to be easily affected by simple tasks and evil forces.  
  • Enmity from opposite gender and defamation through them 
  • Good placements can result in pilgrimage, a happy time with family, marriage, and good health.  
  • It can bring lots of learning opportunities and a philosophical approach. 
  • Good companionship, profits, and fame through partners

Ketu Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

Ketu and Sun are inimical to each other. They tend to bestow extremities be it good and bad effects. 

Ketu Dasa – Sun Bhukti results in, 

  • Strong and good placement of Sun and Venus can result in political power, leadership and authority. Gain of wealth and fame through father 
  • Winning legal battles and elections 
  • High ambitions and long-term goals 
  • Benevolent deeds through government approvals and tenders 
  • Bad placements can cause disputes or quarrel with government authorities.  
  • Loss of Money and wealth through robbery, deception 
  • Hostile and irksome behavior 
  • Distress in father-son relationships  
  • Eye problems, heart diseases, and stress factors 

Ketu Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

Moon and Ketu can cause an awful impact on mental health, emotions, and thought processes. This dasabhukti is a good mix of good and malefic effects,

  • Great mental strength and creative thought patterns  
  • The cheerful atmosphere around and imparts positivity 
  • Support from mother and maternal relatives 
  • Gains and support from women in native’s life 
  • Happy moments with spouse and children 
  • Luxuries and comforts in life 
  • If Moon is weak, the native might go through spiritual hallucinations and emotional turmoil 
  • Strain in maternal relationship 
  • Death of mother or mother-like figure in life 
  • Procrastination and lethargy  
  • Detachment from homeland and cultural aspects 
  • Hazy mind with too many self-destructive thoughts  
  • Danger from authority or government  
  • Long spiritual journeys that have not much influence 

Ketu Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

Spiritual inclination accompanied by aggressive behavior, a sense of haste, and urgency fester this dasabhukti. Effects of Ketu Dasa – Mars Bhukti are , 

  • Deterred growth at work and business 
  • Pushy, rude, and self-centered behavior that reflects bad influences from Mars 
  • Many hurdles in both personal and work life due to the unruly behavior of the native  
  • Fighting and arguing remain the major defense mechanism to cope with very loosely attached life aided by Ketu 
  • Lack of patience and empathy 
  • Loss of business deals due to loans and debts 
  • The constant fear of death and loss  
  • Danger from poisonous bites, fire, and vandalism

Ketu Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha

Ketu and Rahu function in the exact opposite manner. One facilitates Bhoga- Rahu, and another one emphasizes Yoga-Union-Ketu. They pull the native’s conscience in opposite directions causing a persistent sense of confusion and uncertainty

  • All the karmic patterns come into the picture, less or no free will for the native 
  • This period could reflect the actual karmic nature  
  • Very meager chances to excel and make money 
  • Health issues relating to the head and lower abdomen, diabetes, and migraine  
  • Low or no ambitions in life  
  • No clarity of thoughts and emotions 
  • Addiction to bad habits 
  • Good placement of one of the two planets can render positive effects  
  • It can lead the native to their arena with great success 
  • High spiritual or material ambitions 
  • Sharp mind that is capable of creating intelligent shortcuts for success 
  • Accumulation of riches and enjoyment of worldly pleasures 
  • Charities and activities of Philanthropy

Ketu Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Ketu and Jupiter are both powerful planets in the spiritual world. If both are well placed in the chart, they can exert massive divine power on the native, making them a religious leader and spiritual guru.

Common effects of Ketu Dasa – Jupiter Bhukti is,

  • Jupiter imparts sharp intellect and wisdom to attain career growth and business success  
  • Ketu and Jupiter make the native align with the path of dharma and righteousness  
  • Aids spiritual seeking and self-realization 
  • Self-confidence and high motivational skills  
  • Amazing training abilities  
  • Good physical and mental health, fame through profession, and spiritual strength 
  • Danger from robbery, snakes, and bad mentorship 
  • Rifts with spiritual guru and teachers 
  • Disputes with family and bad health

Ketu Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Ketu and Saturn are both malefic. They heighten the chances of danger in this dasabhukti. If Saturn is well placed, it can render some positive impacts. The effects of Ketu Dasa – Saturn Bhukti are,  

  • Lethargy, low self-confidence, and poor ethics 
  • Association with evil and negative forces 
  • Hurdles in personal and professional life 
  • Agony, impatience, and anxiety 
  • Death of parents and loved ones 
  • Health problems with bones, teeth, and nerves  
  • Leaving family and home for spiritual deeds 
  • Loss of business, wealth, and damages to assets 
  • Good effects may include overall happiness, great success in new business ventures  
  • Purchase of new vehicle and properties 

Ketu Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Mercury can positively influence this dasabhukti, and Ketu can help the native reap great benefits if placed strongly in the chart. Ketu Dasa – Mercury Bhukti exerts the following effects, 

  • Communication skills, ability to analyze and execute enhances 
  • The innate ability of a native finds expression 
  • Great willpower, determination, and sincerity 
  • Wise moves in professional and business opportunities 
  • Gain of material wealth and abundance  
  • Auspicious events like progeny and good family wellbeing 
  • Hard work and sincere efforts landing in fruitful situations  
  • Traveling covers the major part of the bhukthi, either pilgrimages or work-related travels.  
  • Weak planetary positions can cause hindrances at work and business  
  • Unnecessary expenses and resultant mental strain  
  • Sudden challenges in speech and communication
  • Unhappiness through children and siblings 

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