Mars Mahadasha

Mars or Mangal is a powerful planet that confers power and authority on the native. However, these are great attributes. It can also make them so result-oriented that they tend to lose patience and composure. Mars could also strengthen the timid, access their inner courage. The nature of the bhukthi is highly reliant on the strength of Mars in the birth chart. The adverse effects can lead to ill impacts like imprisonment, dangers from fire and theft, accidents. Mars is friendly with Sun, Moon, and Jupiter, Inimical to Mercury, Rahu, Neutral to Venus, Ketu, and Saturn.

The common effects of mars mahadasha are,

  • Rise to fame through adrenaline rush- adventurous activities.
  • Challenges from maternal relatives or the relatives might go through accidents.
  • Health disorders relating to organs, kidneys, eyes, and urinary tracts. 
  • Financial instability and suffering through theft
  • Challenges from enemies in the initial phase and will be defeated successfully in the end. 
  • Mental restlessness, anxiety, and suffering will prevail through this period.
  • Sibling support, benefits, and challenges are a possibility and are based on the planet's strength.
  • Allergies, low blood pressure, flimsy bones can result. 

Mars Mahadasha Mars Antardasha 

Planet Mars dominates this period. Native shows a sharp increase in bravery, courage, and aggression.  

  • Defeating enemies comes with ease due to increased bravery and courage
  • Conflict management skills, decision-making skills.
  • Property related disputes amidst family members 
  • Dangers through electricity, weapons, and fire.
  • Health disorders like urinary tract troubles, infections.
  • Good growth in financial and professional status.
  • Misunderstandings between siblings result if the planet is under the malefic influence.

Mars Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha 

Rahu casts a negative influence on this association. This dasabhukti imparts ill effects from both planets, and perseverance aids successful dasabhukti. 

  • This period poses dangers from snakes, robbery, types of machinery
  • Physical pain and mental stress 
  • Health threats to native's relatives and friends
  • The native feels mentally drained and distressed.
  • Some positive events include rewards from jobs, profit from business deals, land and house purchase, happiness from children. 

Mars Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha 

Mars can bestow positive impacts in collaboration with Jupiter. 

  • Childbirth, promotion, spiritual devotion 
  • Enhanced Social status, mental strength, respect in the community 
  • Authority, gains from assets.
  • Cordial relationship with family and relatives
  • Intellect and skill enhancement to accomplish goals.
  • Great motivational skills and mentorship
  • Extravagant lifestyles
  • On the negative side, the native might face harm due to occult practices, be victimized through someone's dishonesty. 

Mars Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha 

Saturn worsens the malefic effects of this dasabhukti. This can make the native take rash decisions and also suffer unusually painful consequences,

  • Challenges in both personal and work-life
  • Disappointment from spouse and children also family.
  • Callous and insensitive behavior, lack of patience
  • Challenges during the travel or away from home, like in business trips 
  • Tends to lose close friends, peer support at work
  • Health disorders affecting bones and blood
  • Imprisonment, dishonesty

If planets are well placed, this dasabhukti can result in sincere efforts at the workplace, leadership skills, risk management abilities.

Mars Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha 

Though Mars is inimical towards Mercury, this could be a balanced, beneficial dasabhukti. The native shows following nature, 

  • Simple, pious, and dextrous. Inclined to music and arts.
  • Successful surgeon, mathematician, or professor.
  • At the same time, very calculative, prejudiced
  • Intellect, wisdom, and winner attitude towards life 
  • Critical illnesses can affect the native
  • Interim separation from family and friends
  • Trivial egoistic arguments can lead to dangerous aftermath.

Mars Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha 

This Dasabhukthi poses hurdles, negativity, and difficulties. As a malefic planet, Ketu creates obstacles in one's life that can lead to life lessons. Mars Dasa – Ketu Bhukti has the following effects,

  • Impatience, mental stress, and anxiety
  • Loss of material wealth 
  • Health problems like digestive disorders and dental problems
  • Disagreements with a spouse, children, and also friends
  • Danger from weapons, fire, animals, or through strangers as thefts. 
  • Unwanted quarrels at work, hot-headedness
  • Positive effects can result in childbirth, gains, higher posts at work, rich clothes, and jewelry.

Mars Mahadasha Venus Antardasha 

Both Venus and Mars are neutral towards each other. This dasabhukti is well balanced and most beneficial or at least not an alarming period.

  • Better health condition, free and restful mind
  • Good financial wealth and accumulation of material pleasures like precious jewelry and physicals comforts.
  • Virtuous deeds and a happy state of mind.
  • Romantic relationships, intense love affairs
  • Prowess in arts, music, dance domains.
  • Bad placement results in ego clashes with superiors, elders, emotional distress

Mars Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

This Dasabhukthi brings mixed results for the native. Native shows hasty behavior and impatience but also be immensely dominating and successful. The effects of Mars Dasa and Sun bhukti are,

  • Great reputation and recognition in the society
  • Courageous and clear conscience about morality.
  • Desire to travel and explore
  • Health risk for father and enmity from paternal relatives
  • Good friendships, elite contacts
  • Bad placement causes eye problems, defamation, and distress to children. 

Mars Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

Mars and Moon reward a positive phase in native's life. This period fuels high ambitions, enterprising behavior.

  • Inherits riches from maternal side and receives great support from Mother
  • Comforts, happiness, and rewards at work and in businesses, especially jobs associated with water and armed forces -navy
  • Auspicious occasions like housewarming, new business startups may take place.
  • Desires and dreams fulfilled. 
  • Increase in stress, scattered thoughts, restlessness 
  • On a negative note, natives might be prone to injury and tiffs. Fatal attraction towards the opposite gender, resulting in entanglements. 

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