Mercury Mahadasha

Mercury is a benefic planet that represents communication, intellect, intelligence, and research. He is referred to as the messenger of God. Mercury rules the brain, nervous system, speech, breathing, hands and hair, and ears in the physical body. In the yogic world, it represents energy. Mercury governs writing, education, counseling, publishing, journalism, and trade and stocks. Mercury Mahadasha is of 17 years. Mercury is comparable with Sun and Venus, Neutral towards Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn; Inimical to Moon.  

The benefic effects of well-placed Mercury make a native good public speaker, great orator, friendly and easy-going. They will witness great success in finance, insurance, and trading. They thrive well in research-based fields, doctors, Ph. D Scholars are usually people with strong mercury placement in the chart.  

Malefic Mercury makes a native dull, poor in studies, and poor concentration; fearful of public speeches cause a weak nervous system, stutter in thought process and articulation, and lose money in speculative business.  

Mercury Mahadasha effects,

  • Creative and innovative thoughts 
  • Enhanced concentration and memory power 
  • Sense of humor and presence of mind  
  • Respect and dignity towards elders, teachers, and scholars 
  • Happiness through spouse and children 
  • Rich clothes and a luxurious house 
  • Negative effects may be the poor focus on studies, lack of enthusiasm 
  • Nervous system challenges, poor memory 

Mercury Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha  

This period makes one taste victory and huge success in business and personal life. Even weak placements of Mercury can leave traces of goodness in native’s life; better intellect and good reputation are common effects in this period dominated by Mercury.  

  • Flamboyant, charming and popular, and most importantly, very likable attributes
  • Fame and popularity in social life and work-life 
  • High intellect and very knowledgeable 
  • Achieve materialistic desires and financial goals 
  • Stable financial status and speculative gains 
  • Happiness from children and new friends 
  • Social recognition and fame  
  • Great success in education/academics 
  • Negative effects may be unhappiness towards the spouse, loss of wealth to trading, stocks, and health ailments relating to mental health. 

Mercury Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

Ketu with Mercury infuses equally positive and negative effects in one’s life. The effects of Mercury Dasa – Ketu Bhukti are, 

  • Misunderstandings and confusion among friends and family 
  • Hurdles and impediments in professional life 
  • Poor or total lack of self-confidence and motivation 
  • Vulnerable to deceptive people and scams  
  • Professional and business losses due to Ketu 
  • Mental instability and unrealistic expectations 
  • Emotional Distress with son  
  • Unnecessary quarrels with the servant, subordinates. 
  • Good placements can result in high spiritual knowledge and abilities to be a famous spiritual leader. 

Mercury Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Mercury and Venus are both benefic planets, which bestows positive effects on the native. However, even if one of their placements is weak or malefic, the negative effects overpower. 

  • Newfound faith in God and deep devotion  
  • Inclination towards pious deeds and religious rituals 
  • Rich materialistic comforts and moral values  
  • New rich clothes and jewelry  
  • Prone to emotional sensitivity and insecurity  
  • Multiple romantic relationships  
  • Fights with long term friends and close relations 
  • Positive effects include a gain of wealth and property 
  • High profits in business ventures and career 

Mercury Mahadasha Sun Antardasha 

Planets Sun and Mercury are both powerful and benefic. This dasabhukti is filled with positive influences. If Sun is weak in the chart, Mercury can bring good impacts. Effects of Mercury Dasa – Sun Bhukti are, 

  • Leadership skills, decision-making authority, and ability to guide 
  • Good knowledge and ability to analyze, articulate 
  • Respect and high esteem from friends, family, and society 
  • Interest in religious and social deeds 
  • Promotions and chances to lead a team or organization 
  • Sense of contentment, happiness, and peace 
  • Great political power with a strong placement of Sun 
  • Adverse effects include headache, eye problems, challenges with sensory organs  
  • Relocation from hometown, the threat from fire and thieves 

Mercury Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

Mercury and Moon are both delicate planets, and this combination causes adverse effects. One would face both positive and negative impacts during this Dasa. Mercury Dasa – Moon Bhukti exerts the following effects, 

  • Enmities and hurdles at work 
  • Wavering thoughts and emotional imbalance  
  • Higher than usual efforts for simple tasks 
  • Health sufferings like physical Distress, digestive ailments like acidity, and also skin problems 
  • Threat from water and animals  
  • Positive effects include the purchase of a new house, rich garments, and jewelry 
  • Happy events like finding your soulmate, marriage, and progeny  
  • Achievements in the creative fields like music and art 

Mercury Mahadasha Mars Antardasha 

In this dasabhukti, Mercury brings positive effects, and Mars poses obstacles and impediments. Dasa is characterized by Distress at the beginning of the dasa, some wealth and pleasure in the middle finally, some adverse effects towards the end of the dasha.  

  • Increase in expenses, depletion of wealth 
  • Hyper aggressive behavior, manipulative and impatient nature 
  • Unexpected infections or diseases due to insect bites 
  • Streetfight turning friends and neighbors into enemies 
  • Change of place, movement to a small house with fewer amenities 
  • Extreme hard work and effort to achieve victory 
  • Health disorders relating to body temperature and fire elements of the body like appetite, digestion. 
  • Good effects include success professions like engineer, surgeon or research scientist  
  • A sharp mind and great observational power 
  • Resourceful, witty, instantaneous behavior 
  • The inflow of wealth and prosperity energy   

Mercury Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha

When combined with the delicate Mercury, Rahu is a malefic planet, which can result in adverse effects in this period. When Rahu is weak in one’s birth chart, it adds up to the severity of the Bhukthi, Mercury Dasa – Rahu Bhukti imparts the following effects, 

  • Immoral association with women and chances of infidelity 
  • Losing legal disputes and loss of money to friends 
  • Lack of cooperation at the workplace 
  • Arguments and misunderstandings in marital life 
  • Mental stress all through the dasabhukti  
  • Dissatisfaction and depression in both personal and professional life 
  • Fear of imprisonment, being victimized to scams and betrayal  
  • Good effects include a sudden gain of material wealth, socializing, and busy party life 
  • Pilgrimages and religious rituals 

Mercury Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

This is a positive period of the mahadasha. Both Mercury and Jupiter can align the native with a bigger purpose and empower them.   

  • Sane, wise, and higher intellectual 
  • Confidence and self-motivation peaks in this phase 
  • Immense success in educational fields, training domain, and research programs  
  • Ability to understand, interpret both science and divine secrets   
  • Happiness and joyful time with wife and children 
  • Auspicious events like marriage, the birth of a son 
  • Departments like law, banking, research, astrology flourishes 
  • Bad effects include loss of parents due to death  
  • Loss or dishonor from the government 
  • Mental stress, disputes with own son 

Mercury Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Planet Saturn overpowers Mercury and dominates this dasabhukti. The nature of this period is highly dependent on the strength of Saturn in the birth chart.  

  • Manipulative, secretive, and sinful deeds 
  • Irregular sleep patterns with frequent Nightmares  
  • Scandals and unethical behavior  
  • Numerous delays and denials resulting in bad temperament and frustration 
  • Wealth losses through a job change, stagnant position at work  
  • Lazy nature, procrastination, and zero motivation  
  • Good results include an increase in wealth, abundant benefits through work, and the good well-being of the family. 
  • Success in the iron or oil business.  
  • Activities of good virtue actions like constructing sacred spaces, donating land for spiritual purposes, and charities.  

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