Moon Mahadasha

Planet Moon is the ruler of one's emotions, composure, and mental strength. Moon represents mother, Ida- feminine nature in everyone, nurturing, love, artistic skills, luxuries, and money. Moon's Mahadasha is of 10 years, and it influences emotions and thoughts to a greater extent. It can make an intense, aggressive individual soft and fragile, emotionally volatile. However, mahadasha ends on a positive note. This dasa is helpful to achieve great financial status, prosperity, and social status. Moon is friendly with planets Jupiter, Mars, Sun, and Saturn; inimical to Rahu, Ketu and Neutral to Mercury& Venus. 

Moon Mahadasha can have the following effects, 

  • Profitable business ideas and happy family situations. 
  • Ability to win over enemies and negative influences 
  • Popularity and fame in the society 
  • Businesses relating to water elements can yield great success. 
  • Favorable for Child progeny  
  • New employees, servants, or subordinates will be added or increased to your circle.  
  • New honors and felicitations from government or renowned organizations. 
  • Health disorders relating to the lower body like urinary infections, ventral diseases. 
  • Restless mind, mental stress, and anxiety can result in this phase. 

Moon Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

The progress and success rate of every activity is high in this phase. Since Moon rules both the periods, the native tends to be very imbalanced with their emotions like the waning-waxing Moon.  

  • Suddenly elevated interests in music and arts 
  • Enjoys socializing and company of new friends especially opposite gender  
  • Pilgrimages with family and relatives 
  • Luxury, new clothes, jewelry, and exotic lifestyle 
  • Overthinking, wavering mind, indecisiveness remain a challenge. 
  • Purchase of new assets or vehicles 
  • Good positions in administrative jobs. 
  • Maternal relationship will be strengthened if Moon is strong and well placed in the birth chart. 

Moon Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

Moon and Mars's association confers equal good and bad effects. Based on the strength of the Moon in the chart, the Dasabhukti exerts varying effects on natives, 

  • Royal favors, new vehicles, support from friends 
  • Support and benefits from siblings, especially brothers 
  • Conflicts and disputes with family 
  • New clothes and ornaments will be purchased 
  • Health danger due to fire or types of machinery and some blood-related diseases. 
  • Hostile, aggressive behavior 
  • Expenses and receding wealth, relocations 

Moon Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha

Shadow planet Rahu's association with Moon poses threats to native's life. 

Here are the effects of the Dasabhukti,

  • Slow and stagnant professional growth and business opportunities 
  • Loss of privileges, promotions, and new projects at work 
  • Dangers or risks from the government. 
  • Higher chances of theft and robbery,  
  • Poison bites from snakes or other evil creatures 
  • Pilgrimages for worship and devotion  

Moon Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

This association exerts great effects on the native. Happiness, good fortune, and positivity among the circle of friends and family are seen. Though this dasabhukti starts on a good note, some distress is observed at the end  

  • Educational achievements, popularity through those achievements  
  • Purchase of new vehicles, clothes, and jewelry. 
  • Native relishes the joy of eating.  
  • Conferred with government honors and recognitions at work 
  • Childbirth and romantic relationships  
  • Sudden Inclination towards spiritual activities 
  • Relocation and work-related travels far away from hometown.   

Moon Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Saturn is malefic and has the same impacts on this dasabhukti.  

  • High work-related pressure, more efforts, and delays 
  • Maternal relationships are strained. Mother goes through health or mental suffering 
  • Physical and mental stress from addiction to bad habits 
  • Dangers from fire, theft. 
  • Conflicts due to native's temperament and speech. 
  • Unhappiness and dissatisfaction though life partner and children.  
  • If Saturn and Moon are well placed in a chart, One can enjoy wealth, progeny, and great business profits. 

Moon Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Mercury and Moon react well together, and this dasabhukti generally yields good effects. Malefic results are highly dependent on the nature of both the planets in the charts.   

  • Native display a great sense of righteousness and nobility. 
  • Highly intellectual, sane, and wise 
  • Auspicious events like graduation, marriage, new ornaments & clothes make the native happy.  
  • Professional life is flooded with benefits and rewards. 
  • Wealth accumulation is like lands, houses, and vehicles, especially from the maternal side.  
  • Recurring health issues like fever and body pain.  
  • Adverse effects like loss of assets, business deals, and defamation are seen if both these planets are poorly placed.   

Moon Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

Moon with Ketu has adverse effects, especially on mental health. It can also have,  

  • Mental health is of prime concern in this dasabhukti period.  
  • Worries from enemies. Enmity at work and business causes mental stress.  
  • Varying obstacles in personal and professional life 
  • Detachment from family and friends 
  • Loss of wealth and job either at the commencement or at the end of the Ketu Bhukti period 

Moon Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Venus and moon combinations work great towards wealth and luxuries; a sudden rise in the social status is seen, 

  • Material wealth and sudden fortunes can result. Good reputation.  
  • New authoritative and respectable positions at the workplace 
  • Native becomes an affluent personality in the society 
  • The fear of theft or burglary can sometimes accompany this.  
  • Hereditary diseases through maternal relations.  
  • Monetary benefits from life partner/spouse  

Moon Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

Sun and Moon duo is proven very effective on native's life. They exert various beneficial effects,  

  • Increased levels of wisdom, leadership abilities, and intellect.  
  • Popularity and fame from society or government 
  • Good health and also a favorable time to get rid of diseases. 
  • Destruction of enemies. 
  • Luck and support from both the parents and the rest of the family. 
  • Enormous mental strength and determination. 
  • Some health concerns are towards the verge of the Bhukti. 

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