Saturn Mahadasha

Saturn is the most feared of all planets. Though He is considered malefic, He is a great teacher of life lessons. He is a Karmic Mirror, and Saturn’s dasa is the time to reap what we had sowed in a past life. Strong Saturn with good karmic benefits blesses a native with immense success and efficiency in all fields. This is one of the reasons for some people who reach great heights of fame & respect during Saturn Dasa. He bestows maturity and opportunities to work our way through the karmic backlog. He rewards our sincere efforts and hard work at the end of the dasa. Saturn Mahadasha is of 19 years.

Common effects of saturn mahadasha are, 

  • New Leadership roles in profession or startup ideas 
  • Lead a small team, village, or even a country 
  • Father might be injured or may expire 
  • Happiness through spouse and children 
  • Disputes and enmity with friends 
  • Defamation in the society and bad reputation 
  • Adverse effects might cause ill effects on the spouse, children, and close ones 
  • Challenges in professional life. 
  • Behavior changes like aggression, jealousy, and competitive nature 
  • Health issues like gastric disorders, bone health problems.  

Saturn Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha 

Saturn in both dasa and bhukti can harsh an individual’s life. It could be a very positive or tough period based on the planet’s position in the chart. The beginning of the Dasa poses threats, and the middle part causes mental agony and ends with benefic effects 

  • Ego problems, lack of confidence and enthusiasm  
  • Trivial disputes and quarrels 
  • Leaving own house or home country 
  • Reduction in income or benefits 
  • More obstacles in personal and professional lives 
  • Aggressive, jealousy behavior 
  • Unsympathetic behavior to wife and children 
  • Lethargy, obesity, and digestive disorders 
  • Delays, denials, and frustrations  

Saturn Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha 

Mercury is a benefic planet, when combined with Saturn, alleviates the negative effects of Saturn. Great, victorious moments during the beginning of the Dasa followed by a Sense of restlessness and failure towards the verge of the Dasa. The effects of Saturn Dasa – Mercury Bhukti are,  

  • Profound with a great Sense of judgment  
  • Consistent growth in the profession, new responsibilities like heading an organization  
  • Expanding horizons into new fields  
  • Auspicious and holy ceremonies like marriage or childbirth  
  • Inner strength, exactitude, and intellect 
  • New friendships of influential people and scholars 
  • Wealth and success in business ventures 
  • Aimless travels, procrastination 
  • Depression, stress, and pessimism  

Saturn Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha  

Planet Ketu is considered malefic and poses loads of hurdles when combined with Saturn. Delays, denials, and frustration are the common effects of this dasabhukti. If the planets are well placed, it leads to a great spiritual revolution in one’s life.  

  • Futile efforts that may not yield desired results 
  • Insincerity, dissatisfaction, and lack of peace  
  • Leaning towards immoral ways, evil deeds 
  • Business losses increased expenses 
  • Downfall in career and professional life  
  • Danger from thieves, snakes, women, and accidents 
  • Interim or permanent separation from spouse and children 
  • Good placements can result in the gain of wealth, spiritual welfare, overseas travel 

Saturn Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

The combination of Saturn and Venus could be a brighter period in one’s life. Though there could be some negative effects, Venus manages to render some good results. Effects of Saturn Dasa – Venus Bhukti are,   

  • Fame, wealth and new clothes, precious jewelry 
  • New hobbies and artistic interests  
  • Smooth, cordial relationship with friends and family 
  • Happy events like marriage, the birth of a son 
  • Royal support, rewards from the government 
  • Interest in religious deeds and philanthropic activities 
  • Favorable situations at work and promotions  
  • Victory in legal disputes and benefits from spouse’s properties   
  • Bad placements like Eye problems, fever, dental problems, and vascular diseases 
  • Challenges for spouse or inheritance from them 
  • Divorce or emotional sabotage of relationships  

Saturn Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

Sun is a beneficial planet, and Saturn is a malefic planet; their association causes both beneficial and adverse effects in one’s life. Influences of Saturn Dasa – Sun Bhukti is, 

  • Humiliation, defamation from higher authorities at work 
  • Conflict with father and paternal relatives 
  • Health challenges for Father 
  • Lack of support from family  
  • Father or Son of the native might cause painful episodes 
  • Financial constraints and instability 
  • Positive effects include cordial relation with employer and peers 
  • Achievements through children 

Saturn Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

Saturn overpowers subtle Moon, and this dasabhukti mostly exerts negative impacts.  

  • Emotionally constrictive and frustrating period 
  • Lack of interest and passion  
  • Stress in maternal bonds, loneliness, and weakness  
  • Enmity and unwanted conflicts 
  • The spouse might leave the family or expire  
  • Restlessness, unstable mind, and impatience 
  • Venereal diseases, clinical depression, and gastric ailments  
  • Financial fluctuations

Saturn Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

Mars is the God of war and a fiery planet. Planet Saturn may exert negative effects and adverse effects if Mars is poorly placed. Saturn is a lazy, slow planet, whereas Mars is an aggressive planet; they exercise nature on the native, resulting in confusion and unwanted conflicts. 

  • Bad reputation, quarrels at work, and social space 
  • Loss of job or position at work due to bad temperament 
  • Aimless travel or Frequent relocation in the job due to anger issues 
  • Time away from home, wife, and children 
  • Road accidents, street fights, and loss of friends
  • Weak bones and body heat ailments 
  • Beneficial results include great warrior behavior, conflict management 
  • Support and gains through siblings 
  • Winning over enemies

Saturn Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha 

Saturn and Rahu, a malefic combination, make the native face series of troubles and obstacles. Some relief is seen towards the end of Dasha.  

  • Self-doubt, self-destructive behavior 
  • Persistent conflicts and immoral thoughts 
  • Lack of positivity and lack of self-confidence  
  • The decline in career and social status 
  • Danger from venomous animals, toxic relationships, and thieves 
  • Loss of property and vehicles 
  • Good placement of Rahu and Saturn ensures some sudden gains, spiritual wealth, and enjoyment of worldly pleasures in the dasa. 
  • Self-sufficient and self-reliant nature  
  • Develops resilience

Saturn Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha 

Jupiter and Saturn coincide on one attribute of being a mentor, guru, and teacher of life lessons. This period is usually beneficial and grants an opportunity to be optimistic and align with the ultimate higher self.  

  • Strength, wisdom, and intellectual skills  
  • Interest in religious rituals and charitable activities 
  • Overall success and well-being 
  • Strong willpower, determination, and focus on goals 
  • Calm and clutter-free mind. Positive thoughts 
  • New material wealth, jobs and vehicles 
  • Negative effects may include: loss of job, death of family members or loved ones 
  • Unnecessary quarrel with peers, subordinates at work. 
  • Suffering from bone and nervous system-related diseases 

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