Venus Mahadasha

Venus is an auspicious planet representing romance & sensuality, love, luxuries and worldly comforts, and artistic skills like dance and music. Venus rules business domains like cinema and entertainment, all forms of media, retail sector. In the physical body, Venus rules general charisma, reproductive organs, throat, kidneys. Venus Mahadasha is of 20years. Venus is compatible with Mercury, Saturn, Ketu, Inimical to Sun, Moon, and Rahu, neutral towards Jupiter, Mars. 

When Venus is well placed in the chart, the native enjoys a luxurious, king-size life embedded with worldly pleasures. They attain enormous wealth and prosperity. They will be extremely charismatic, flamboyant, and admired in their surroundings. Venus makes them pioneers in a retail business, stock market, trading, and stars in the media field.

If Venus is weak or malefic in the birth chart, native loses their wealth and suffers denials from opposite gender and society. Debts and financial instability all through the maha Dasha and difficulties in marital life and infertility issues. Some relief is seen in bhukthis of planets that are well placed in the native’s chart.   

Common effects of Venus Mahadasha are,   

  • Charming, beautiful personality, full of life, enthusiastic nature
  • They remain young for most of the life span  
  • Ability to analyze and predict trading and speculative businesses 
  • New vehicles, intelligent children, and beautiful life partner  
  • Wealth inheritance from ancestors  
  • Success in retail business and marketing 
  • Interest in music, poetry, and arts 
  • Massive success in the fashion industry and hospitality industry 
  • Luxurious vehicles and house  
  • Weak Venus causes delayed marriage, relationship failures 
  • Loss of wealth and inheritance, debts 
  • Consistent challenges in personal life, constant grief 

Venus Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Venus brings material comforts, liveliness, and elegance to the natives and makes them admirable in society.  

  • Professional growth and business expansions  
  • Likable nature and great popularity  
  • Financial gains through job promotions and inheritance 
  • Rewards and recognition at work 
  • Creative and innovative new business ideas 
  • Interest in music and creative arts 
  • Purchase or construction of a new house, happy family 
  • Weak Venus affects both dasa and bhukti period 
  • Separation from wife and children 
  • Difficulties in progeny 
  • Fights with friends and relations 
  • Loss of money, persistent debts

Venus Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

Sun might pose some impediments in this bhukthi. However, Venus in Mahadasha can impart positive effects. Venus Dasa – Sun Bhukti causes the following effects,  

  • Obstacles and challenges at the workplace  
  • Intense hard work for simple tasks 
  • Enmities and opposition everywhere, work, family and among friends  
  • A few losses and loans, debts 
  • This period may cause several health issues with unknown reasons 
  • Health ailments particularly relating to reproductive organs, eyes, and chest 
  • Damages to assets and vehicles 
  • Strong Sun can result in auspicious events include prosperity, fame, the birth of a son.  
  • Happiness through parents, spouses, and children   

Venus Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

Both Venus and Moon are soft and subtle, and this dasabhukti imparts soft, sensitive nature. Effects of Venus Dasa – Moon Bhukti are,  

  • The native will be fond of artistic discovery and beauty 
  • Leads a comfortable, rich life 
  • Multiple romantic relationships, attraction from the opposite gender 
  • A good relationship with wife and children 
  • The native will be blessed with beautiful, adorable children 
  • Smart in investments and trading 
  • Gains through mother and other women in native’s life 
  • Bad Moon and Venus causes hurdles and impediments in career 
  • Enmity and opposition from the opposite gender 
  • Affairs outside marriage leading to legal separation 
  • Personal conflicts cause bitter relationships with parents and children  
  • Venereal diseases, sexually transmitted diseases in this period 
  • Digestive disorders like acidity, gastric disorders 

Venus Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

Mars, as a fiery and aggressive planet, overpowers Venus. Mars in Venus Mahadasha could result in both positive and adverse effects based on planetary positions. 

  • Bold, aggressive, and great sportsmanship  
  • Good reputation, wealthy and powerful profession 
  • High self-confidence and mentorship 
  • Extravagance, passion, and lascivious spendings 
  • Interest in the opposite gender spends for them on finery, jewelry, and pomp.  
  • Victory over enemies and oppositions 
  • Gain of assets and fulfillment of desires 
  • Bad mars can affect adversely, causes impatient and hostile behavior 
  • Loss of job due to trivial fights and opposition from authority 
  • Street fights and enmity in neighbors  
  • Health suffering due to body heat, blood infections, and body ache

Venus Mahadasha  Rahu Antardasha

Rahu and Venus can cause hurdles and difficulties in a native’s life. The combination of Rahu and delicate Venus can result in adverse effects due to Rahu. The dasabhukti starts with positive effects for up to and might cause hurdles towards the end. Influences of Venus Dasa – Rahu Bhukti are, 

  • Loss of job or title position at work 
  • Misaligned ambitions and immoral relationships 
  • Disgrace to self and family 
  • Travels without purpose, unnecessary spending 
  • Health ailments relating to kidneys, urinary tract 
  • Danger due to fire, animal bites, and thieves 
  • Disputes with relatives and loved ones 
  • Strong placement of Rahu or Venus could result in sudden financial gains, awards, and recognition 
  • Visits to holy sites with family 
  • The successful search for soulmate and marriage 
  • support and gains from the opposite gender

Venus Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Jupiter is an auspicious Guru planet and poses great positive effects along with Venus. Venus Dasa - Jupiter Bhukti can confer the following effects,

  • Intelligence, wisdom, and mental strength 
  • This phase is filled with auspicious events like marriage, new business start-ups and purchase of the new house 
  • High recognition and reverence at the workplace 
  • Educational dreams and desires come true 
  • Immense success in training industries for fashion, media, and entertainment 
  • Material comforts and riches  
  • Aspiration towards spiritual seeking and knowledge  
  • Involvement in religious rituals and pious deeds 
  • A new friendship with administrative people and scholars  
  • Support and benefits from government 
  • Bad effects include losses on all levels and debts 
  • Health challenges like physical stress and anxiety 

Venus Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Planet Saturn and Venus association causes equal parts of positive and negative effects. The influences of Venus Dasa – Saturn Bhukti period are, 

  • If Saturn is well placed, the native experiences rebalancing of karma in a positive way. 
  • Both karmic balance and beauty comes to play 
  • New heights in profession and business 
  • Acquiring wealth, material comforts, and luxuries 
  • Purchase of land, wealth, and assets 
  • Childbirth, especially birth of a daughter  
  • Pilgrimages and rituals with family 
  • Bad placements include exertion and more hard work to accomplish simple tasks 
  • Laziness, Lethargy, and procrastination 
  • increased expenditure, loss from relocation 
  • Health issues and distress to spouse and parents 
  • Inclination towards negative and evil deeds 
  • Obstacles in career and social life leading to a disturbed life 

Venus Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Mercury and Venus's combination bestows good fortune, intelligence, and great popularity in society. Venus Dasa – Mercury Bhukti yields the following effects,  

  • Happy, comfortable, and pleasant life with spouse and children 
  • Native shows a great deal of sincerity, integrity, and kindness 
  • Good career growth and increase of material wealth 
  • Cordial relations in social and professional life 
  • High recognition and support from friends and acquaintances  
  • Clear decision-making skills and clarity of thoughts 
  • Great skills in arts, music, and creative pursuits 
  • Auspicious events like housewarming, release of impending movies, songs, gain of wealth, marriage

Venus Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

Ketu weakens the goodness of Venus and, in an unpleasant period filled with negative shades of Ketu. The common effects of Venus Dasa – Ketu Bhukti,

  • Detachment from family due to new friendships with the opposite gender 
  • Infidelity issues and emotion blockage 
  • Obstacles and blocks at the workplace 
  • Huge opposition and enmity from higher authority and peers  
  • Los of job or job change to a low-paying job.  
  • Hatred emotions towards spouse and friends  
  • Increase in unwanted, unplanned expenses 
  • Aimless and irrational wandering in the name of spiritual seeking 
  • Danger from snakes, bad spiritual gurus, and leadership 
  • Health issue spike, headache, clinical depression, and diabetes

Other Mahadasha's

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