Jupiter Transit 2022

Jupiter or Brihaspati, often addressed as the “planet of expansion” who represents the higher consciousness- higher self, ultimate truth, positive frame of mind, wisdom, indulgence, and goals. This benevolent planet of happiness, good fortune, and prosperity will be transiting from Aquarius sign to Pisces sign on April 13th, 2022 and will be posited until 21st April 2023. Pisces is the twelfth house and 12th house represents spiritual enlightenment, elevation of inner mind, social well-being & welfare, overseas travel, and financial settlements. Jupiter in this house will activate positive and most favorable outcomes of the 12th house. This movement of Jupiter to one of its own houses, Pisces would bring joy, peace, and good health in the world. 

Jupiter expands and enriches everything He encounters since Pisces is a natural zodiac of Jupiter, this transit will uplift many people spiritually. Jupiter in Pisces is a great time to pursue both materialistic and spiritualistic desires. There will be chances of striking a natural balance between material desires and leading a spiritual path. During this transit to the Pisces sign, Jupiter’s blessings will fulfill all desires and attract money, wealth, and good luck. Jupiter feels comfortable in Pisces, and this imparts the power of good fortune and prosperity in people’s lives. This transit period brings inner awakening, awareness, and spiritual foresightedness. Jupiter during this transit guides an individual to dream big. This benevolent planet renders handheld support and moral guidance in achieving Higher wisdom, spiritual inner secrets, and Vedic knowledge. Truth, fortitude, and honesty as the very nature of Jupiter will bring abundance of luck and good fortune to the native. Jupiter, as a planet of destiny and pious path will lead the masses towards happiness and fulfillment in this transit.

Jupiter Transit Aspects

In this transit period of 12 months i.e. from April 13th, 2022 to 22nd April, 2023, Jupiter in Pisces sign will aspect 4, 6 and 8th houses in a chart. The 4th house represents family lineage, especially maternal chords, inheritance, happiness, wealth, and peace in domestic life. 6th house denotes routine life, everyday lifestyle, profession, healthcare needs, sports, law & order, and litigation, and enemies. Finally, the 8th house aspect involves Jupiter’s influence on hidden energies, occult activities, astrology or other mystical subjects, inherited property, sudden money lottery, and hidden talents. These signs vary based on the Moon Sign of your chart, but the general results of Jupiter's aspect on these houses render positive effects. Fourth house aspect will bestow good communication skills and happiness in domestic life. The 6th house aspect blesses good fortune and enhanced quality of life. The 8th house aspect on hidden talent brings out talents into the limelight.

Transit Trajectory

Jupiter, during its stay in Pisces sign will go through three different constellations or nakshatras that belong to Pisces Zodiac – Poorva Bhadrapada, Uttrara Bhadrapada and Revati nakshatras. Jupiter’s movement through its own constellation Poorva Bhadrapada in the months of April- May 2022 will bestow grand blessings on all Moon Signs. Following movements into Uttara Bhadrapada constellation and Revati constellations will only have mixed results for most moon signs.

Jupiter in Purva Bhadrapada of Pisces

Jupiter moves to this constellation from Dhanishta. This movement supports and enhances overall prosperity through skill, craftsmanship, and master level proficiency in every field.

Jupiter in Uttara Bhadrapada of Pisces 

Uttara Bhadrapada is ruled by Saturn/ shani Bhagawan. Jupiter’s neutral relationship with Saturn can bless moderate results mostly driven by past karma accumulated. 

Jupiter in Revati of Pisces

Revati nakshatra is ruled by Mercury/ Budha. Jupiter might not be comfortable in this constellation, however this nakshatra is closely associated with wealth building and Jupiter, despite an unfavorable spot, renders better results. Jupiter can bless wise nature, logical thinking, and expands the ability to make fair judgments. 

Jupiter Transit 2022 Predictions Aries Moon Sign - Mesha Rashi

Jupiter will be transiting to the 12th house from your moon sign, Aries on 13th April 2022. The 12th house is the house of detachments- Moksha or liberation. Jupiter in this house influences your intuition, imagination, and long- distance business travels. Jupiter also blesses permanent residency in foreign lands, learning foreign cultures, successful import & export businesses, and international tourism in this transit. Fortune will favor you throughout this transit. Jupiter brings new influential contacts and popular people into your life. There will be many happy moments this year throughout this transit.

Single people looking for a partner will find their soulmate this year, 2022. But there might be a brief and secret love affair before the marriage due to the eighth house aspect. There will be marital happiness and financial prosperity after the marriage. Involve your partner or parents before making any big financial decisions. Legal complications are on cards and transparency in decision making can clear the possibilities of those issues. Your relationship with friends and family will be smooth and cordial. Siblings could be very supportive and might even offer financial help in need. The environment at work will be calm and friendly. Your co-workers will be supportive and your contributions in the team will be recognized. Be cautious while borrowing money from friends or applying for bank loans. Because of Jupiter’s transit to Pisces, you will be more inclined towards making donations, charity, and activities of generosity.       

Jupiter will bring unexpected gains from foreign lands. This is also a good time to pursue higher education overseas. Your academic record will look good this year and you will have great concentration power. You will be able to sharpen your skills this academic year. Financially, your new high income will equate your new expenses. There will be new joyful experiences to take away from this transit. The income will be ever increasing in this transit. Long pending foreign settlements or promotions will knock at your door. There are no major health issues seen this year. Your spouse or other close family members might fall sick. This could keep you stressed in the mid-year of the transit. You may have digestive and gastric problems if you don’t watch your diet. It is suggested to keep a constant tab on your cholesterol or sugar levels. Life events you face during this transit can actually expand your inner world if handled with emotional stability.   


  • Offer water to a Peepal Tree during sunrise, every Thursday. 
  • Worship Goddess Saraswathi and offer sandalwood paste during pooja. You can wear it as a tilak on your forehead everyday.
  • Worship ruling deity Lord Dakshinamoorthy on Mondays and Thursdays. Chant Guru Padhuka Stotram during the pooja.

Jupiter Transit 2022 Predictions Taurus Moon Sign - Vrishaba Rashi

Jupiter will be transiting to the eleventh house from your moon sign, Taurus on 13th April 2022. Transit of Jupiter to your 11th house will bring unexpected gains from various sources. Taurus natives will relish these new earnings and enjoy luxurious lifestyles. However, during this transit phase, Jupiter's retrograde movement around the end of July 2022 until the mid of November 2022 there could be a possible halt in your progress. This might cause some frustration or anxiety that will affect your health. On the general outlook, transit this year will bring happiness and good news in 2022. 

Professional life will be super successful. Career growth will be great. You will be rewarded for all your hard work put in at your workplace. You will gain the confidence and support & cooperation from your peers and leaders. Job change will be positive and will provide a grand opportunity to climb the career ladder. Career growth also comes with massive monetary benefits this year. The flow of money will be great throughout the year. But there could be some unwanted expenses. It suggested avoiding overindulgence and extravagance. Entrepreneurs will be successful in signing high profit deals with new business clients. Your equity shares will yield good benefits. You will also have better prospects in pitching your new business ideas. This transit phase will be a golden period to proceed with venturing digital businesses. People associated with businesses of charcoal, marbles, precious stones, furniture, and cosmetics will prosper in 2022. Also, domains of pharmaceutical industry or healthcare fields will see immense growth in their finances.

Domestic life looks average. You will make new popular friends and your social sphere will exponentially expand. This ought to take your family time out of schedule. Your health looks okay. Family members' health will be good. But during the last few months of 2022, things might go haywire on the domestic front. But it will eventually settle down, and there will be mutual reconciliation. Many Taurus natives will get relief from long term blood and nerve-related health issues. Some of you might face minor injuries due to sudden accidents related to safety. But you will recover very quickly. Students appearing for competitive exams and entrance exams will succeed with good marks. This transit will bring new hope and all your long time wishes will be fulfilled. You will witness a great transformation in all dimensions of your personal and professional life. 


  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays & Saturdays.
  • Pray to Lord Shiva on Pradosham tithis, you can fast if your health permits.
  • Feed priests on Thursdays and worship Lord Jupiter in the Navagraha sanctum.
  • Donate yellow colored clothes or materials like turmeric, yellow lentils, and ghee to the poor.

Jupiter Transit 2022 Predictions Gemini Moon Sign - Mithuna Rashi

Jupiter will be transiting to Pisces which is the 10th house from your moon sign, Gemini. Jupiter in the 10th house influences your authority & power, social status, financial stability, professional or academic achievements. Jupiter can also enhance your social recognition, opportunities to achieve your ultimate career goals and all your life dreams. Gemini natives will enjoy good results in this transit. Of all arenas of life, your career will show the most significant progress in this period. You will receive exciting opportunities that will delight you and your family. Most of your longtime dreams or desires will be fulfilled. Finances will eventually improve through your career growth. Your social status will also climb heights. 

Professionals and Entrepreneurs will reap good benefits in this transit period. You might evidently notice that long awaited work rewards and recognitions will bear fruit one after the other. At work, your reputation could increase, and there may be gains as well as recognition for your endeavors. Your leaders might get too demanding on timelines or project quality. It is advised to perform every work assigned to you with utmost sincerity and to avoid ego ruining the play. This is also a good time to apply for your dream job or a dream role in an organization. Gemini natives associated with service industries like food, travel or digital domains related to media, blogging, and marketing will see tremendous growth. Fashion industry or cotton and textile businesses may gain heavy profits.  

You will see increased inflow of money due to Jupiter’s aspect on the 2nd house. This strengthens your financial position and accumulation of precious jewelry. There may be property / real-estate related profits in this year. Your health and wellbeing will be good. You will have high enthusiasm levels and good immunity. But the health of your spouse, or children, or other close family members might be affected. This could cause some stress. Regular meditation and light physical activities can help you sail through these tough moments unaffected. 

Jupiter transit to Pisces works highly favorable for people in love relationships and for people looking for love. Lovers will get their parents’ approval to tie the knot. Married people will enjoy blissful time with their partner. Those who have been separated or emotionally moved away from their spouse will be able to rekindle the spark in the relationship that can reunite them. Gemini Moonsign students or doctorate students can look forward to research success in 2022. Some of you may get scholarships or grants to pursue their research in their favorite university, in a foreign country. With self-confidence, and an optimistic attitude you will overcome mild challenges this transit might put you through.


  • Chant the beej mantra of Jupiter” oṃ grāṃ grīṃ grauṃ saḥ guruve namaḥ”
  • Feed grains to birds, especially on Wednesdays.
  • Wear emerald green colored clothes on important days like interviews, business meetings, etc.

Jupiter Transit 2022 Predictions Cancer Moon Sign - Karka Rashi

On 12th April 2022, Jupiter will be entering the 9th house from your Moon Sign, Cancer. Ninth house in Vedic Astrology onsets a philosophical frame of mind. Jupiter represents wealth, rewards, foreign travels, and good fortune and presence of this benevolent planet in the 9th house represents more luck, favorable long-distance travels, religious instincts, accumulation of good karma, ethical and righteous mindset. You will also experience new spiritual inclination. This transit of Jupiter to Pisces may bring productive opportunities to earn wealth, visit foreign countries, and explore spiritual seeking. 

New opportunities to explore, discovering your actual potential and new learnings will significantly increase in this phase. With these new opportunities, you might face some challenges but due to your spiritual inclination and blessings of your Guru, you will navigate through these challenges smoothly. However, you might start procrastinating or feel over-confident and end up landing in problems due to these actual reasons. So, staying proactive and accepting new challenges and working hard will ensure great career performance at work. Cancer natives in the field of research will do exceptionally good. Entrepreneurs in businesses related to textiles, agriculture, import-export, coal, and petroleum will see great profits. Supermarkets and shops in malls will make good business. Some natives might gain quick success and popularity in social media. People aiming for success in the cinema or other creative fields will see their dreams come true around the end of 2022. Some of you will get long awaited government jobs through placements. 

Social life will thrive, and you might make new business contacts and new friends. Finances will be stable. You are likely to show more interest towards charity and deeds of generosity. You should plan your finances with long term benefits in the view and keep it flowing for the rainy days. You will be in a healthy financial state, most times. You can also expect some sudden profits from ancestral property.

Married life will be smooth, issues that popped up during Jupiter’s stay in Aquarius will clear in this transit. Your sudden spiritual inclination might make you choose solitude over family. You must ensure you spend enough time with them. Friends circle will be supportive and joyful. Health problems might trouble you during this transit. Lethargy could be a challenge. Chronic ailments will remain under control only under supervision. It is wise to take up hatha yoga or pranayama or fitness regime.

Cancer Moon Sign students will receive great results in higher education and in all types of competitive examinations. You will be keen on enhancing your skill set and enroll for skill development courses. Overall, harnessing this newfound clarity of life aided by Jupiter will be the key during this period. You will experience success, happiness, and prosperity in your life. 


  • Feed grains or fruits to cows on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Donate bananas, jaggery or honey to people in the temple premises on Full moon days.
  • Chant or meditate on Guru Ashtakam especially on Thursdays for Guru’s best blessings and you can also fast, if your health permits. 

Jupiter Transit 2022 Predictions Leo Moon Sign - Simha Rashi

Jupiter is transiting to the 8th house in Pisces sign from your moon sign, Leo from 13th April 2022. The 8th house represents longevity, inheritance, family legacy, and sudden gain or loss, share of profit and mysteries. Jupiter in the 8th house is considered to bless transformational life experiences. This transit of Jupiter might pose life struggles and anxiety. It might feel like your hardwork has no value and can make you feel agitated often. Materialistic comfort and happiness levels might go downhill. More strain is seen on the job or business front. Some Leo natives may lose their job and high rank in their career. A Few may face extreme losses in business and return to salaried employee careers. Jupiter moving through the eighth house has a direct aspect over the 2nd, 4th, and 12th houses, representing finance, family. This transit will be a challenging one and this might result in life transforming experiences. Nevertheless, the initial three months of the transit will bring some instant success and gains, it is suggested to make plans during this phase to sail through the rest of the transit. 

You might face less cooperation or support from your peers, some may quit making your responsibilities peak in the team. You might often feel overburdened and stuck with work. Don’t let this negative emotion cloud your thoughts. This hard work will bear fruits one day. Entrepreneurs must keep their focus on customer satisfaction. If not careful, you might face a loss of valuable clients. Keep your commitments fulfilled. Constant communication and ultimate transparency with your business partners will avoid all partnership issues. There might be some unexpected delays in your travel or filing high dollar projects. Sometimes, there could be some monetary gains through family inheritance or even through in-laws. All the business domains relating to occult sciences, tantric, Astrology, palmistry, and detective agencies or spies will get money and popularity. 

With not much progress in the career, monetary status looks average. Some major expenses can incur during this transit. You must watch every penny you spend and should be super careful about your valuables. Some theft or loss looks possible. Speculative investments might not be conducive. The prevailing stress in your married life or committed relationships might increase. This transit can create irreparable rifts with your life partner and children. Staying compassionate and consciously avoiding fights can enable smooth relationships. You must also remain alert about your social recognition. Since this eighth house movement of Jupiter can expand all hidden information or mysteries about you that can possibly ruin your reputation. You must follow all the possible safety guidelines in place while commuting. Your physical safety is of utmost importance in this transit. Make sure chronic ailments, if any, remain under control. Jupiter as a planet of education and higher wisdom, this transit will help Leo students to reap maximum benefits in the fields of occult, divine arts, and tantric or higher spiritual practices. Your efforts towards learning new things will definitely yield grand results during this transit.


  • Observe fast on Thursdays and eat after visiting Dakshinamoorthy sanctum in the temple.
  • Chant the mantra “Om Guruve Namaha” during Guru Hora everyday.
  • Worship Lord Shiva on Mondays and especially on Pradosham tithis to mitigate the ill effects of this transit

Jupiter Transit 2022 Predictions Virgo Moon Sign - Kanya Rashi 

Jupiter will transit in your 7th house in Pisces sign from your moon sign, Virgo on 13th April 2022. Jupiter in the 7th house brings a sense of cooperation and higher purpose inculcated in life. There will be blessings in committed relationships, spouse, and business partner, and routine activities. Virgo natives will enjoy profit in all kinds of business partnerships. Your social life and financial status will increase through this transit. Some of your wishes will be fulfilled along this transit period. First three months of the 2022 phase of transit might bring trivial conflicts, initial stages of anxiety, and a lot of challenges at the workplace. After this initial stage, this Jupiter transit will fulfill your wishes and short-term goals related to marital life. There can be the start of new projects at work and new beginnings in your love life.

This transit makes you force fit all your best efforts at work to gain high authority and wealth. You should continue to be aware of the practicality of every situation and plan your actions at the workplace accordingly. There could be hiccups in accomplishing targeted outputs or business deals. Career growth could be a long shot now. Moderate professional growth as salaried personnel are predicted. Avoid being part of any office gossip, grapevine, and politics. Entrepreneurs will face constraints relating to delivering packages or meeting business commitments timely.

Marital partnerships and love life will thrive. Jupiter is known to expand the traits of the house it transits to, since the seventh house is all about partnerships, there will be grand blessings on marital partnerships. Virgo natives who are single will find their ideal match unexpectedly in life. Those who are in a long term relationship will tie the knot. Married life will be very blissful and peaceful. You may even gain financially with the help of your spouse or through in-laws. This will eventually take some burden off your financial platter. New Entrepreneurs will enjoy a good money flow from investors. Plan your business expenses, unplanned expenses might make things financially tough. Make an informed decision about business investments. Keep your partner involved in financial planning and status. Dedicate quality time out to express your concerns in any relationship, both personal and professional. Invest time and energy on nurturing your children. It is advised to stay away from bad influences and gossip mongers both in business and workplace. Be wary of people who are envious of your acumen & power since they could easily ruin their social recognition. Pay good attention to your health during this transit and keep a constant tab on skin infections or skin rashes from allergies, or pain in the lower abdominal area. Spousal health looks average, and children may fall sick. Virgo students might need more than usual motivation to achieve their academic goals. You might have to exert more to achieve the best academic results to get the desired university. It is suggested to be respectful to your teachers and Gurus to reach your academic dreams.


  • Wear Five Faced Rudraksha on a yellow thread, around your neck to mitigate ill effects of this transit.
  • Offer due respect to Gurus, elderly people, and parents 
  • Feed the fishes in ponds of the temple premises

Jupiter Transit 2022 Predictions Libra Moon Sign - Thula Rashi 

Jupiter moves through the 6th house from your moon sign, Libra on 13th April 2022. This movement of Jupiter to Pisces sign will have an impact over the 2nd house and 10th house as well. Sixth house denotes obstacles, debts, difficulties, and enemies, however Jupiter in this house grants the ability to overcome these challenges. The 2nd house or the house of possessions will render positive effects due to Jupiter’s aspect. The 10th house aspect brings good results in professional life, and also makes you invest more hard work. This Jupiter’s transit will ensure you work hard all throughout the year. In fact the harder you work, the better results you will reap in this phase. However, the first three months of the transit will bring happiness and unexpected material pleasures in both romantic and professional life.

Professional growth would be nominal in this period, although job change looks positive. Unemployed people will get decent jobs this year. New opportunities will encourage your job movement and most major planets will support your job change. There will be workload and pressure because of your peers’ movement or change in authorities at your workplace. Jupiter’s movement to the sixth house might bring some conflicts or confrontation in professional life. This anxiety might spread to domestic life as a lack of peace though your income and savings will be high in this initial phase of transit.  Avoid giving or taking loans during this period.

Some Libra natives may get stuck in litigation issues, but victory will be on your side. Financially, there could be some unplanned high expenses. Yet, there will be stability. Your high expenses will be well met by your new high income. Entrepreneurs will remain concerned about stiff competition in digital platforms. There might be some disharmony with your business partners. 

Professional life takes most of your time in this transit. Some of you may suffer break up or separation in their romantic life. There can be some health issues for close family members as well. Later part of the transit will present opportunities to realize the real moments of happiness in the family bonding time. You will do things to express your immense love towards your family. Virgo natives looking for marriage partners will find their favorable match at the end of the transit. Your health looks good. Eating right will be the key to sustaining health during this transit. Spousal health looks average however children might need extra focus on their health. Virgo students will get success in competitive exams and even in interviews related to government jobs. Scholars involved in research and science work will enjoy the most favorable time in their thesis creation or putting their observation into business.


  • Plant Tree saplings in temple premises or contribute to organizations that maintain greenery in your locality.
  • Chant or meditate on “Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama Stotram” on Saturdays, you can observe fast if health permits.

Jupiter Transit 2022 Predictions Scorpio Moon Sign - Vrichika Rashi 

Jupiter will be transiting in the 5th house from 13th April 2022 for Scorpio moon sign natives. Jupiter in the 5th house denotes great developments in the ‘feel good’ aspects of life. Jupiter in this house can enhance your creativity, ideas of innovation, your intelligence, your relationship with your children. This Jupiter transit will help you develop friendly and cordial relationships with people around you both at work and society. Some will enjoy great monetary benefits. Your innovation and creativity will be the key to make the most from this transit. Overall, this transit of Jupiter to Pisces, even in retrograde motion will bring in good money, fame, and glory. 

Jupiter transit to Pisces this year, will bring business success, newfound pleasure in your love life followed by grand wealth blessings. If you are someone associated with creative and entertainment business, you will gain instant fame and recognition. Good progress is predicted in the field of sports as well. Scorpio natives in domains of coaching, teaching, marketing, and advertising fields will have a glorious year. Some of you may gain social recognition through writing or publishing in digital media. Travel or relocation to a different city or country looks very promising in this transit. You will be in a strong position on the financial front. No major expenses are predicted. If planetary positions are strong in your natal chart, you will make humongous profits, along with this supportive Jupiter transit. Huge financial gains are seen in business. You will enjoy an increased inflow of money. You will spend some money on generous acts and pilgrimage.

Social life will be a smooth ride. You may gain sudden popularity through media, social media or entertainment fields making your social circle grow exponentially. Couples planning for a family since longtime will see success around the end of the year. For the married, children will become a primary source of happiness and love. Your children will make great progress in all their endeavors, and they will make you proud. Singles looking for a match will find an ideal partner in 2022. Romance and love life will go smoothly and in fact, keep you cheerful. Married couples will rekindle their love spark in their marriage. Since this transit enables your spiritual seeking, you will be interested in achieving a sound, healthy mind, and body. Scorpio Moonsign students will reap good academic results due to Jupiter’s blessings in this transit. Paying respect to your teachers and Gurus will aid academic overachievement. Students waiting for overseas scholarships will get the desired university and programs of their choice. 


  • Plant Tree saplings or contribute time towards caring for the environment or greenery.
  • Donate yellow or orange colored clothes to elderly or Gurus.
  • Chant or meditate on Guru Gayatri Mantra.

Jupiter Transit 2022 Predictions Sagittarius Moon Sign - Dhanus Rashi 

Jupiter will be moving through the 4th house from your moon sign, Sagittarius. Jupiter in the 4th house expands blessings related to assets- house, land, real estate matters, family heritage possessions, your maternal relationship, and family values. This transit of Jupiter to Pisces will have a positive impact on all the attributes of your life. This movement of Jupiter works well by enhancing your interest on the work front and uplifting financial benefits. However, the first three months might be lull and stagnant or burdened with workload. The positive benefits will start pouring in after July 2022. Overall, this transit of Jupiter to your 4th house will bring joy, materialistic comforts, and spiritual prospects in family life. 

Your career graph will ascend and there will be both monetary growth and promotion in your career. Salaried professionals will enjoy a very comfortable position at work. They will be constant self-motivation and enthusiasm to prove your mettle. You will try all possible creative ways to improve performance and impress your clients. This will bring rewards, appreciation, and laurels at the workplace. This fresh breeze of renewed confidence and positivity will be contagious making your own team perform well too. Entrepreneurs will get new opportunities and expand their business on digital platforms. Marketing Businesses will run satisfactorily. There will be productive opportunities to sign profitable deals with high profile clients. 

Some of you may gain money through inheritance or real estate business in huge amounts. Real estate business or furnishing, interior designing, architectural work will flourish for Sagittarius natives. Some health issues for you or your family may cause project delays or increase your expenses. Increased expenses will be well managed by your new high income, if you keep a tab on your stress and anxiety levels, you will navigate through this phase with wholesome success and hard earned victory. It is advised to drive your vehicle carefully and care should be taken while traveling in someone else’s vehicle as well.

On the romantic front, things will be exciting and rosy for you. Your career and financial stability tend to keep you in the right frame of mind, most times. Unmarried Sagittarius natives looking for matrimonial prospects will find their ideal match from different cities or even countries. You will enjoy a supportive and cordial maternal relationship and your paternal relationship might be a little strained. Your relationship with your children will be heartwarming and beneficial. There will be auspicious and religious ceremonies happening in your family.  Sagittarius students will have high concentration and memory power. You should focus on exhibiting your intelligence and extra -curricular talents in the academic sphere.


  • Worship Lord Hanuman on Thursdays or Saturdays. You can observe Juice fast on these days if your health permits. 
  • Donate lentils, jaggery, or bananas to the needy. You can donate this to underprivileged care homes as well.
  • Worship Lord Shiva on Pradosham and Lord Kalabhairva on Ashtami tithi. This can effectively reduce health and stress issues.

Jupiter Transit 2022 Predictions Capricorn Moon Sign - Makara Rashi 

Jupiter will be transiting the 3rd House from your moon sign, Capricorn on 13th April 2022. Jupiter in the 3rd house enhances your communication, overseas journeys, sibling bonds, your creativity levels, and courage. Jupiter also blesses higher intelligence and spiritual inclinations with a few moments of dissatisfaction, dejection. This movement of Jupiter to Pisces impacts your ninth house indicating good luck, long distance travels, new interests, and divine blessings. The first three months of the transit will bless rewards and recognition. You will gain a lot of money in your life in this phase. 

You will gain popularity and receive great social recognition in life. There can be some losses through speculation or gambling. Past investments might not bring expected gains as well. Your new businesses will go through extreme highs and lows yet remain unhindered. Jupiter transit will bring learning experiences and new responsibilities in your career. New Job seekers will be presented with great job opportunities. Salaried professionals would work efficiently for their benefits and career growth. At the same time, your career may face some dips. In new businesses, you should avoid being overconfident. Slightest oversight can also cause some turbulence in the partnership sphere. Entrepreneurs should deliver their promised commitments to their clients. Jupiter will place you in a comfortable status on the financial front. No major financial expenses are foreseen. However, marginal increase in inflow of money will be assured. You will be able to manage routine expenses comfortably. Stable financial status will also contribute to your calmness, mental peace, and sense of security. Your siblings will be of great monetary support and emotional security. 

On the romantic front, you will be more expressive and loving towards your spouse/ partner. You would be more comfortable and joyful with your family members. You will spend quality time with your children and dedicate time in nurturing them. You should focus on your relationship with siblings, you must pay conscious attention in keeping things smooth with them. Short family travels are on cards. You will be in good health and calm all through this transit. Pay extra care to your shoulders, arms, hands to avoid injuries. Your life partner and children will be healthy. If you have unmarried siblings, you should focus on their health in this transit. Capricorn students should strive hard for academic success. You may have to put your best efforts to reach your academic goals. Those desiring for overseas higher education should invest maximum efforts to secure admission in the desired university.


  • Worship Lord Dakshinamurthy on Thursdays and chant Guru Gayatri Mantra.
  • Before commencing new projects or a learning course, make sure to take your parents’ blessings and Guru’s blessings.
  • Observe fast and listen to Sathyanarayana Katha on Full moon days during this transit phase.

Jupiter Transit 2022 Predictions Aquarius Moon Sign - Kumbha Rashi 

Jupiter will be transiting to the 2nd house from your moon sign, Aquarius. Jupiter in the 2nd house represents beneficial effects on family, assets, material goods, accumulated wealth through family, rich possessions, and ability to earn. Jupiter in this house makes you optimistic and prudential in your approach and in professional endeavors. This transit will have a positive effect on all dimensions of your life. Jupiter will enhance your wealth, deposited money with constant domestic peace and prosperity prevailing in your family.

Jupiter transit this year is highly supportive for both professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve promotions and huge profits. Professionals will display great productivity and high enthusiasm. All the hard work you have been investing all this while will fetch grand results this year. Progressive career movements are foreseen. You will be respected for the creativity and innovation you bring to the table. You will begin to manage your time and effort very effectively in this transit. Entrepreneurs will sign high dollar deals or even get overseas sponsors for funding. 

Financially, you will enjoy unexpected gains and assets through family inheritance. New sources of income like trading or resale can be developed during this transit. No major expenses are foreseen. Since money inflow will be quite high and stable, it is advised to plan your finances through professional investors. Focus on ‘Saving & Budgeting’ all the money that you gain during this transit. Speculative gains look favorable. You will inherit some money and assets through your in-laws as well. Family life will be peaceful. Aquarius natives, who are in committed relationships will devote more time and effort towards their partner. You will tie the knot during the end of 2022. Married will enjoy marital bliss. Your spouse will be loving and caring as well. Single Aquarians will find the love of their life at most unexpected places. Parents will witness their children reciprocating all your love and look up to you for your good traits. This transit is a good time to set a new song tune in your immediate family relationships. Couples planning for a family will see success in the later part of the transit.

Your overall health looks good during this transit. Spousal health also looks better than ever. Children might face temporary health hiccups. You will be inclined towards meditation, spiritual practices, or yoga. Keep a check on what you eat to keep your chronic ailments under control. Aquarius students’ focus and interest in education might dip considerably due to overconfidence or slight oversight. Students are advised to create a schedule and adhere to it in order to achieve your academic goals. Also, you must be extra cautious about choosing friends.


  • Meditate on “Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram” on Wednesdays.
  • Donate Bananas to the needy or offer it to devotees in the temple premises.
  • Worshiping Lord Hanuman and observing fast on Saturdays might increase the beneficial results of this transit.
  • Wear yellow colored clothes on Thursday or important meetings.

Jupiter Transit 2022 Predictions Pisces Moon Sign - Meena Rashi 

Jupiter will be transiting in your own sign i.e 1st house. Jupiter rules Pisces and this benevolent planet’s movement to Pisces imparts magnificent results. Jupiter in the first house enhances your personality, physical appearance, character, temperament, strengths, and physical constitution. Everything related to ‘Self’ will be magnified in a positive way. This will be the best time to explore your desires and pursue your lifetime dreams. Jupiter naturally makes you develop an inclination towards learning and acquiring higher knowledge. You will gain popularity and fame in both career and personal life. However, the first three months of the transit might pose mild challenges that will clear over time, and you will reap the best benefits from Jupiter.

Professional success will be soaring high. All your ideas and strategic plans will be rewarded in the workplace. You will have support and cooperation from your leaders. Some of you will rise to the topmost ranks or level in the hierarchy. Entrepreneurs will also score well in this transit. Career change also looks positive. This year, Jupiter’s blessings will welcome new CEOs in the community. Both promotions and performance hikes will be overwhelming. Entrepreneurs will be successful in signing high profit deals with new clients or may even land in new business strategies. You will have better than ever prospects in your business partnerships. You will invest your time and energy for planning your strategy in business. Financially, this transit is also favorable for enhancing your wealth and social status. Business profits will be huge. You will buy new real estate and precious jewelry. However, there may be some challenges in maintaining stable liquid cash, but you will overcome those by exploring new opportunities to accumulate assets. Your career/business already being massively successful will place you in a cheerful frame of mind. Sudden gain of wealth through Jupiter also indicates inheriting family property, especially paternal. Investments should be planned in these high gain periods keeping future in mind. It is advised to remain shrewd in terms of your financial transactions with your friends or business partners. 

Marital life will be good, and you will enjoy a good family time going on vacations or pilgrimages. You will make new friends and your social circle will become large. Most times, you will be busy partying, meeting, and greeting new people. You must pay extra focus on your paternal relationships. Otherwise, this transit indicates a happy family life. Pisces singles will find their ideal life partner in this transit. People in love relationships will enter marital life in the mid-year of the transit. You will be in good health and well-being all through the transit. Chronic ailments will be well under control. Take care of your ankles and calf; you may get injured while driving. Your family and children will enjoy good health. Focus on father’s health and mental health. Pisces students will have a high attention span and great memory power. Jupiter being the lord of higher wisdom, this transit will make you keen on learning and acquiring higher knowledge or divine arts. Overall, this transit will impart happiness, good fortune, calm attitude, and Divine Grace. 


  • Avoid Procrastination and Over confidence throughout the transit.
  • Worship “Lord Vishnu” on Wednesdays and chant Vishnu Sahasranama 
  • Meditate or chant on Hanuman Chalisa on Saturdays to keep your newfound confidence and sense of divine surrender intact.