Bharani Nakshatra

Bharani Nakshatra is the second Nakshatra of 27 stars. When the Moon is between 13:20-26:40 degrees of Aries, this constellation is called Bharani. Astronomically this constellation is of three stars 35-Arietes, 39-Arietes, and 41-Arietes.

Bharani nakshatra is referred to as Bearing Star’ or ‘Star of Restraint.’ In Sanskrit, it translates to ‘the woman who bears.’ This Nakshatra beholds the lucrative energies of planet Venus. Bharani nakshatra is characterized by attributes like catharsis, forbearance, jealousy, and ultimate sacrifice.

This star primarily relates to the Ida or the feminine aspect of the cosmic universe and the potential to bear, nurture, foster, or annihilate. Because of this very nature, Celestial Yoni/Vulva/womb is the main symbol of the star.

Lord Yamaraj rules this star. It is often seen as the doorway to other realms. Bharani star is ideal for occult practices and Tarpanam or ancestral rituals like Thila homa, pitru pooja.  

Bharani Characteristics

Bharani Nakshatra encloses a great amount of fire energy; it is one of the extremely hot stars. Because of these extremities, the natives of this star are of sheer moral nature or wickedly sinful. This Fire energy also offers a shield from most diseases and physical grief making the natives almost free from ailments.

Venus also contributes equally to this extreme energy of this star. This Bharani Nakshatra imparts great amounts of creativity, intelligence, sense of righteousness, and occult power of manifestation. Stubborn nature, complicated thought forms, actions with no reasons or logic that are hard to interpret are some of the primary shortcomings of this Nakshatra.

Interesting Facts of Bharani Nakshatra

Ruling Planet


Angle Details

13°20' - 26°40' Aries


A Yoni, the organ of female reproduction

Animal Symbol



Manushya (human)




Take things away

Nakshatra Nature


Goal Name








Starting Letter

Li, Lu, Le, Lo

Career for Bharani Nakshatra

Creative arts, Musician, voice artist, screenwriter, and all other forms of a creative career in the entertainment industry.

Gynaecology-Obstetrician, midwives, or childcare health professionals.

Lawyer and Print publications.

Entrepreneurs, Thought leaders, and CEOs with revolutionary ideas.  

Psychologist or psychiatrist, wellness therapist.

Compatibility and Incompatibility of Bharani nakshatra

Revathi Nakshatra is the best match for Bharani Nakshatra. Other comparable stars are Hastha, Swati, Shravana, and Purva Ashada. 

Chitra, Dhanistha, Purvabhadrapada, and Vishaka nakshatras are incompatible with Bharani nakshatra.  

Favorable Activities

  • All creative, spontaneous, Ascetic activities, campaigning is well supported by this nakshatra. 
  • Filing/submission of job resignation, filing for divorce, or a lawsuit. 
  • This star is ideal for cutting off toxic energy in life, breaking off a toxic relationship, giving up bad addictive habits. 
  • Destructive acts like demolitions, disposal of old cars.
  • All forms of physical detox like a juice cleanse, to observe silence, fasting, or other holistic methods for detoxification. 
  • Austerities and spiritual practices, occult.
  • Taking tests for fertility treatment and related studies.

Unfavorable Activities

  • Weddings, conjugal bliss.
  • Most importantly, Travel- Bharani signifies cosmic population in a three-dimensional world; it corresponds to Traffic Jams and Accidents. 
  • Beauty or other cosmetology treatments.
  • Business partnerships or signing important contracts.