Hasta Nakshatra

Hasta Nakshatra, “The Golden Handed Star,” is the thirteenth of 27 nakshatras. When the Moon is between 160°00′ to 173°20′ Virgo, then the constellation is called Hasta. Astronomically, this constellation is of five stars- Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Epsilon-Corvi. This nakshatra is characterized by purity of thoughts and deeds, the epitome of self-control, resourceful nature.

The inner core of this nakshatra is calm & composure, magnetic smile, and intelligence. The presiding deity of this nakshatra is Lord Savitar – the Sun God who imparts creative energy and divine transformations. Moon is the ruling planet that bestows luminosity, stable emotions, and optimism.

Hasta Characteristics

Natives born under this nakshatra possess the divine ability to manifest in the simple movement of their hands. Envisioning and manifesting great things and constant thirst for conquest and knowledge are the unique characteristics of this star.

Outrageously dominating nature, rude callousness are some challenging attributes of Hasta. All the four padas fall into the Virgo moon sign.

Interesting Facts of Hasta Nakshatra

Ruling Planet


Angle Details

10°00' to 23°20' Virgo


A hand - open hand blessing humanity

Animal Symbol

Female Buffalo


Deva (god-like)




Gain what one is seeking and place it in ones hands

Nakshatra Nature


Goal Name








Starting Letter

Pu/poo, Shaa, Naa, Thaa

Career for Hasta Nakshatra

Jobs relating to intelligence, Wit, and Humour and acquired knowledge.

Trickery, Magicians, Puppeteers and Jugglers, gamblers or card dealers.

Domains about the Themes of Astrology, healing, tarot card, reiki, and palmistry.

Adventurous Sports and Racket Sports.

Debaters, lawyers, and the chemical industry.

Professional comics, sports commentator.

Sculptors, interior designers, or thieves, con artists.

Compatibility and Incompatibility of Hasta Nakshatra

Hasta nakshatra is most compatible with Swati Nakshatra. Revati and Bharani, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttarabhadrapada nakshatras are also compatible. Krittika and Pushya nakshatras are incompatible nakshatras with Hasta.

Favorable Activities

  • This nakshatra is generally Good for all types of activities like wedding ceremonies, auspicious events.
  • Holistic Therapies like reiki, healing, and alternative medicines.
  • Laughter therapy and exercises, magic, and games.
  • Artistic work like Pottery, Jewellery Designing, and interior designing.
  • Linguistics, Yoga, and Meditation.
  • Moving into the new house, organizing, or redesigning spaces.
  • Gardening and activities in the Sun.
  • Business dealings that need tactfulness and strategy.

Unfavorable Activities

  • Futuristic Planning for Long Term goals and finances.
  • Setting goals or Aims for career and education.
  • Physical pleasure or Relaxation.