Magha Nakshatra

Magha Nakshatra, ‘The Mighty Star or The star of Power,’ is the tenth nakshatra of 27 nakshatras. When the Moon is between 120°00 to 133°20′ Leo, this constellation is referred to as Magha in Vedic astrology.

Astronomically, this star is Regulus (Alpha-Leonis), the brightest star. The inner core of this nakshatra is achievement and nobility. Pitrus or Ancestors of the Human Race rule this nakshatra, and they encompass all genetic traits and whole-genome sequences in them. Their affinity to the lineage and heritage is well reflected in the natives.

Magha Characteristics

They display strong family values, and commitment to their family is everything to them. This nakshatra is symbolized by the Royal Throne or a Palanquin representing the nobility of Human beings, the most evolved race. These nakshatras are associated well with ethical values, honor, and traditions. Ketu is the ruling planet.  

Enterprising nature, God-fearing, and noble nature are the remarry characteristics of this nakshatra. On the other hand, these natives are highly aggressive and behave like Lion.

They demand respect and can act cruelly to the ones the disrespect them. Pride, pleasure, and power also, easy bait for flattery are some of the common negative traits of the Magha nakshatra. All the four padas of this nakshatra falls into the Leo moon sign.  

Interesting Facts of Magha Nakshatra

Ruling Planet


Angle Details

0°00 to 13°20' Leo



Animal Symbol

Male Rat


Rakshasa (demon)




Leave the body

Nakshatra Nature


Goal Name








Starting Letter

Maa, Mee/Mi, Moo/Mu, May

Career for Magha Nakshatra

Innovative Entrepreneur, CEO of highly reputed, age-old corporates. 

Humble Politicians or Scholars.

Historian,  librarian, Royal family members.

Public speaker, orator, poet, and Theatre artists.

Model, actor, or producers.

Bureaucrat, royalty, archaeologist, Archivist.

Research scientists in the field of Genetics, genetic engineering, and cloning.

Compatibility and Incompatibility of Magha Nakshatra

Magha nakshatra is compatible with Ashwini, Mrigashirsha, and Ashlesha nakshatras. The incompatible nakshatra is Chitra nakshatra.

Favorable Activities

  • Grand Auspicious ceremonies that require pomp and show. 
  • Public gala events, shows, and Performances, Coronations, fashion, or Pride Parades. 
  • Felicitation and Award Functions.
  • Tracing genetic lineage, planning career strategies.
  • Assuming Government office, Higher ranks, and possessions. 
  • Religious rituals and other spiritual activities. 
  • Compromise talks or settling family disputes. 
  • Applying for help from the government or Seeking Favours from people in higher authority.
  • Historical Studies and Research, upgrading to new equipment or updating gadgets. 
  • Nuptial ceremonies or Ancestor Worship. 

Unfavorable Activities

  • Routine, mundane activities.
  • Applying new innovative technology into practice. 
  • Borrowing or lending money.