Shravana Nakshatra

Shravana Nakshatra, “The Star of Learning Ear,” is the 22 nakshatra of 27 nakshatras. When the Moon is between 280°00′ to 293°20′ Capricorn, this constellation is called Shravana. Astronomically, the Shravana constellation is of 3 stars- Altair, Alshain, and Tarazed. Shravana in Sanskrit means “hearing, listening and learning.” Prosperous, well learned, liberal-minded, luxury and fame are the general characteristics of this nakshatra.

Shravana Nakshatra is ruled by Lord Vishnu, who bestows a comprehensive understanding of the three-dimensional world, Vak siddhi, and the ability to connect with higher consciousness. Moon, the controlling planet of this star, imparts luminance, desire, and beauty.

Shravana Nakshatra is symbolized by “an Ear or Three Footprints /Footsteps or The Arrow,” representing the Proficiency in Mantra, Japa, and Vedas, yielding nature and wisdom.

Shravana Characteristics

Shravana natives are pious, thoughtful, and are drawn towards social and humanitarian causes. These natives possess great focus for achieving their goals and do not rest until they accomplish their dream. Rigidity and narrow mindedness too much attachment to material life is the primary challenge areas of the nakshatra. All four padas of this nakshatra fall into the Capricorn moon sign.

Interesting Facts of Shravana Nakshatra

Ruling Planet


Angle Details

10°00' to 23°20' Capricorn


An ear

Animal Symbol

Female Monkey


Devas (god like)





Nakshatra Nature


Goal Name








Starting Letter

Ju, Jay, Jo, Gha

Career for Shravana Nakshatra

Learned Scholars, researchers, geologists, or scientists. 

Authors, Professors, or life coaches and teacher. 

Priests, ascetics, or spirit/lightworkers. 

Orators, Public speakers, marketing agents, and guidance counselor. 

Doctors, holistic healers, or yoga instructor. 

Charity workers, life assistance, and NGO work. 

Linguists, translators, storytellers and speech therapists. 

Voice artists and voice coaches, musicians, or telephone operators.

Politicians or influential people who manage the framework of a political party. 

preservation of ancient traditions. 

Comics, talk show hosts, VJ and RJ, dubbing artists.

Tourism, hospitality industry.

Compatibility and Incompatibility of Shravana Nakshatra

Shravana star is most compatible with nakshatras like Swati, Krittika, and Anuradha. Incompatible ones are Moola and Mrigasirsa nakshatras.

Favorable Activities

  • Beginning New Business ventures and start-ups. 
  • Psychological or career counseling. 
  • Listening to someone’s concerns or stories. 
  • Travel and long journey. 
  • Buying new assets and jewelry 
  • Commencing new medical treatment. 
  • Socializing with new surroundings.
  • Learning new Languages.
  • Writing a book or composing new music. 
  • Yoga and Meditation.
  • Religious rituals and Humanitarian Activities.

Unfavorable Activities

  • Activities demanding aggression or harshness. 
  • Filing Lawsuits.
  • Combat, battles, or wars.
  • Activities that involve risks or danger.
  • Making Promises or taking oaths.
  • Borrowing or Lending Money and things. 
  • All Nuptial ceremonies and pet or child adoption.