Planet Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter – A Planet of Benevolence, Fortune and Fulfilment! Jupiter is the largest celestial body in the solar system, with a mass equivalent of 2.5 times of other planets in the solar system. In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is addressed as the “planet of expansion”. Brihaspati represents the higher consciousness, ultimate truth, positive frame of mind, wisdom, indulgence, and goals. Jupiter expands and enriches everything He comes in contact with, centred on wealth and wisdom. Jupiter is indeed the most benevolent planet and is associated with higher learning and fortune.

Jupiter helps an individual aim for the stars and reach for them. Since ancient times, this benevolent star has provided handheld guidance in acquiring Higher wisdom, Spiritual secrets, and Vedic knowledge. This planet is symbolic of destiny and a pious path towards happiness and fulfilment. Jupiter blesses luck in the “Games of chance and speculation”. Strong Jupiter brings an abundance of luck and good fortune to the native.

This planet also imparts a curiosity to learn and know things making the natives even go to the other end of the Earth to find answers. Planet Jupiter also governs how we bring justice to the world around us and our philosophical perception. How we acquire knowledge and wisdom also comes under the ruling reign of Jupiter. We focus more on underlying logic or knowledge rather than the surface level understanding that comes from Jupiter. Jupiter is the teacher or Guru of humanity; He governs knowledge and wisdom. He is the epitome of inclusiveness and spiritualism.

Astrologically, Jupiter is the planet of Success and excellence, one of the important planets of Rajayoga. He is the only planet that can nullify actions caused by the other planets. He is the crusader of life and a Divine planet- Deva guru. Lord Jupiter or Guru is depicted as a Deva with a golden or yellow complexion, holding Lotus and rosary/ prayer beads. He has various references in Rig Veda; according to this Veda, Jupiter worship is indispensable for Success, prosperity, and intelligence to sustain wealth. He also aids his devotees to follow a righteous and virtuous path for spiritual seeking.

Since he is the largest planet, Jupiter Dasha lasts for about sixteen years. Because of this extended span, pleasing the Lord and obtaining blessings can only ensure a successful life. It can yield the fortune of changing our life for betterment and fill us with peace, harmony and joy. Similar mythological characters are seen in other cultures; Zeus in Greek, Ammon in Egypt are forms of Planet Jupiter. 

Strong Jupiter placements are seen in the natal charts of educationalists, precious metal businesses, literature poets, bankers, honorary administrative posts. Weak placements affect career growth, behaviour, and health.

Position of the Jupiter in different houses and different signs of the horoscope has varying effects. Though these effects rely on lordship, affliction, conjunction, constellation, and aspect, some common attributes are discussed here.