Jupiter in 11th House

Jupiter in Eleventh House – Pure & Pious Souls, Abundance in wealth and desires!

Jupiter in eleventh house is considered as a beneficial placement. These natives are animated, expressive, and have great sense of humour. Eleventh house n Vedic Astrology represents general fulfilment of desires, social circle, professional skills, and income. It also indicates retirement, pension wealth, or time with friends. Eleventh house belongs to the triangle of desires or wishes- Kama Trikona. Presence of Jupiter in the 11th house makes the native inclined towards culture, religion, and philosophy of life. They are creative and knowledgeable in their speech. Jupiter in this house impacts native’s social circle, their luck or fortune matters, and wealth.

Jupiter in 11th House

Jupiter in 11th House Love

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Jupiter in 11th House Marriage

Their feelings and emotions are always exaggerated and poetically expressed in the choicest of words. They tend to have a huge circle of friends and great social sphere. They attract a devoted and loving life partner. Native’s children bring lot of fame and popularity to the family. They woo the love of their life with their words and sincere emotions. Jupiter’s aspect on third and seventh houses- two crucial houses of desires, indicate heightened sensuality and desire for intimacy. If Jupiter is strong, these natives enjoy conjugal bliss and deep, meaningful relationship with their spouse. When Jupiter is undignified, they might explore their excessive interests with multiple partners.

Jupiter in 11th House Career, Business and Finance

Jupiter in the 11thhouse natives have great entrepreneurial spirit. They can instantly pitch great business ideas or sell any anything to the business sponsors or investors. They are seen actively involved large networks, social groups where they implement them out of the box thinking and higher wisdom. They also see great success in legal situations or career domains related to law & legislature. Their sense of discernment comes handy in understanding what is right or wrong- their ethical and moral standards also accentuate their performance in these legal roles. If Jupiter is weak or undignified in the chart, the native might lack the enthusiasm to pursue their goals or translate their business spirit into profitable ventures. They procrastinate tasks and delay their own success or productive rise in career.

The areas affected due to the Jupiter in the 11th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Jupiter in this house, if positively placed in the chart, Jupiter blesses flourishing wealth and thriving career. When Jupiter is under malefic affliction in the horoscope, it can make the native overconfident, egoistic, and irresponsible. Jupiter in this house aspects third, fifth, and seventh houses. All these houses that the Jupiter aspects are naturally beneficial, making this placement of Jupiter, an auspicious placement. Jupiter’s aspect on third house brings luck and fortune through native’s speaking skills, courage, and siblings. These natives display noble and royal qualities. Fifth house aspect blesses lucky progeny and fruits of good karma of the past. Seventh house aspect indicates productive partnerships- business & marital, success in legal matters. These natives will have a huge social circle and lots of friends to support them in times of financial or emotional need.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Jupiter in the eleventh house sometimes creates situations where the native overindulges and too engrossed in material pleasures- this state is referred as Karako Bhavasto Nashto in Vedic Astrology. They are seen suffering from diseases related to overeating and over-drinking. They are likely to become addicted to enjoy eating or constantly sipping on drinks. Their natural state of overabundance in aspect of life also spoils the native and causes confusion in choosing right environment in work or standard of life. Since the natives are highly socially active, this often exhaust them by being part of numerous parties, group activities, and explorations.