Ketu in 11th House

Ketu in the Eleventh House – Life begins at 40! Ketu in the Eleventh house is a neutral position since gains are feasible only during Ketu Dasha. Eleventh house in Vedic Astrology denotes one’s actions, accumulated income, gains, and fulfilment of desires. It also represents retirement years, social life with friends and hope or desires. Ketu In the 11th house makes the native a lone wolf and they usually do not desire for any friends or social life. 

Ketu in 11th House

Ketu in 11th House Love and Relationship

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Ketu in 11th House Marriage

Ketu in the eleventh house natives will be soft spoken, kind, and compassionate. They do not like to speak much or socialize to make new friends. The natives will be loyal towards others and gain fame in the public eye. He will meet an incredible holy person who will help them reach higher powers. These natives prefer isolation and go through some momentary challenges in marital life. They also have a bit of commitment issues. If seventh house is well placed, the native may overcome all issues in marriage life. If Ketu in this house is undignified along with poor seventh house, the native suffers death of spouse or separation or the spouse may abandon the native. They tend to spend life unaware of their location or presence. 

Ketu in 11th House Career, Business and Finance

Ketu in this house makes the native perform effectively with great expertise on time critical projects on spiritual sciences, metaphysics, and sports. They are well aware of their physical and mental qualities due to positive Ketu’s influence. Their intuition and power open up new avenues for achievement. They will perform religious pious deeds. They are proactive and strategize all their business moves. They do not like to leave any work incomplete. They are seen naturally skilled in archery or shooting, and all games that demand sheer focus and aiming. They can obtain overnight success in fields of politics or cinema. There are excellent opportunities for the native to witness grand success in politics after the age of forty. Undignified Ketu may indicate that the native enjoys comfortable life only after 40 and face challenges in career until that age. 

The areas affected due to the Ketu in the 11th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Ketu in the eleventh house will bring abundance of wealth and new social heights if the planet is well aspected by Jupiter and Saturn. Ketu's strong position in the eleventh house in conjunction with powerful Saturn in the third house brings flourishing life to the native; they gain spiritual popularity and more wealth. Ketu helps the natives manage extreme pressure and stress associated with success throughout their lives. Ketu in this house also provides desired or wished victories. There will be opportunities for immigration, overseas travel, or business ventures with fruitful experiences.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Ketu in the eleventh house natives are volatile and emotional people. These natives may face numerous disappointments in the process of fulfilment of desires. In some extreme cases, they tend to harm themselves when their wishes go unfulfilled. They also hurt their children, they can be abusive or harsh parents. Their anxiety has no bounds and often surface as disagreements with family causing commotion in marital life. They can suffer from abdominal or kidney related health problems.