Ketu in 2nd House

Ketu in the Second House – Wise and Detachment from Family lineage! Ketu in the Second House natives will be serious and sharp looking, all the time. Second house in Vedic Astrology deals with family lineage, assets, accumulated wealth, face & expressions, voice- speech, and food style. Presence of Ketu in the second house forces the native detach from their massive wealth or family heritage. Though it eventually helps the native grow spiritually, it will be a tough metamorphosis. Ketu impacts native’s communication style, voice, spirituality, and health status. 

Ketu in 2nd House

Ketu in 2nd House Love and Relationship

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Ketu in 2nd House Marriage

Ketu in the 2nd house ensures that the native is born in a family whose ancestors are well connected with the occult world or tantric practices. Family members of these natives often feel like their ancestor is reborn to continue their spiritual practices. These natives have least focus on material world due to the contracting force of Ketu. This spiritual and materially contracting force, when associated with the 2nd house, it makes the native harsh, callous, and evade from responsibilities linked to the 2nd house. It also brings some abnormalities and pain in the physical and mental realms. This trait does not work well in sustaining relationships and in marital life. Due to their unpredictable and eccentric nature, they do not value family relationships. Unless afflicted by beneficial planets, this position of Ketu is usually considered weak for marital happiness. They might be too shy and introverts. they lack social skills and have to depend on others even for simple tasks. Weak Ketu in this 2nd house might suffer from litigation issues on family wealth. In extreme situations, they may have vein problems- stroke, paralysis, speech disorders like lisp, stammering and challenges in articulation. They might show symptoms of ADHD or autism.

Ketu in 2nd House Career, Business and Finance

Ketu in the 2nd house doesn’t always mean that the native will not earn money, instead, Ketu blesses ability to make lots of money at very early age where the native realises that people are more valuable than money. In other words, a native with Ketu in the second house quickly understands that spending time or energy only for external materialistic achievements will not bring deep satisfaction. These natives thrive in fields related to- Astrology, Tarot, Hypnotism, Tantra, or anything spiritually connected. These natives are also naturally good in literature, novel writing, and finance & accounting. Undignified Ketu can make the native, a rude & sarcastic peer/ boss. Their employees and peers do not prefer to collaborate with them. It also brings litigation issues in immediate family assets and ancestral lineage, ruin their wealth status and other valuable living bonds. They can bring defamation on their family or be disowned by their own family.

The areas affected due to the Ketu in the 2nd House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

When Ketu is strong and functions at its higher principles in this house, it elevates native’s mind to a supreme state which is beyond the material level that gradually it unfolds a new path to attain liberation or moksha. The natives of Ketu in the 2nd house will be fond of learning, reading, and experimenting spiritual techniques. They tend to collect numerous books and other reading materials. They have great ability to grasp and imbibe knowledge, they read really fast and finish pages just by glance. Ketu constantly ignites the spirit of spiritual adventure in the native, and they are readily available to take risks beyond life. When Ketu is afflicted by beneficial planets, these natives learn to use these unconventional spiritual methods for making big money. They will be confident and enthusiastic in the process of mutating their spiritual goals to life goals. 

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Ketu regardless of the nature of the house it is posited in, naturally brings a sense of detachment or “Vairagya” (sanskrit). Ketu in this house brings a strange sense of imbalance or disconnect in the way native express their emotions. It is important to note that Ketu brings similar results just like just Mars, in a certain way, Ketu represents extremities of Martian energy. Their harshness dominates even their most empathetic conversations, that often leads to arguments and misunderstanding in relationships. Under Ketu’s influence, these natives never forget or forgive. They can carry grudges that can sometimes last for years. This tends to affect their mental health and peace.