Ketu in 8th House

Ketu in the Eighth House – Spiritual and Occult Supremacy! 8th house in Vedic Astrology is a representative of hidden energies, inheritance, opportunities, and sudden events like sudden accidents or injuries. eighth house also signifies secrecy, joint assets and wealth with in-laws, and occult sciences. This house also indicates loans or debts. Ketu in 8th house gives good results when afflicted by beneficial planets, along with long life span, deep desire for spirituality and mysticism, and smooth monetary benefits. 

Ketu in 8th House

Ketu in 8th House Love and Relationship

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Ketu in 8th House Marriage

Ketu in 8th house may result in detachment or separation from their dear ones. They may be stubborn, secretive, and quarrelsome. The native often questions emotions of their family members especially their mother's affection on them. They constantly blame their upbringing for every simple challenge they face in life. Strong Ketu can instil spiritual wisdom quite early in life, they tend to influence their parents positively than their parents raising them. Weak Ketu indicate that they may be highly cynical or share unnecessary negative criticism. Ketu enhances native’s concentration power and their ability to sense hidden energies. They can read others’ mind. 8th house determines the life span of a native and Ketu as a malefic planet or ‘Paapa graha’, when occupies this house, the native may have short life span or many troubles due to chronic diseases. When Ketu is well placed the evil effects are reduced and replaced by beneficial effects. 8th house also signifies unearned wealth indicating wealth through spouse or even taking over business from their in-laws. From the life span aspect of this house, it can also indicate the longevity of their marital relationship. Ketu, as a lover of solitude, gives detachment from spouse or family. Their marital life is strengthened only if their spouse has immense patience and surrender. Undignified Ketu makes the natives face challenges through in-laws and face business losses.  

Ketu in 8th House Career, Business and Finance

Ketu in the 8th house bestows special abilities to understand or research a subject in depth. They do intense research and invest lot of efforts to bring clarity. At the same time, they go through obstacles, depression, and moments of dejection in this process. They experience sudden ups and downs. Since 8th house belongs to the hidden knowledge and Ketu is the explorer of hidden energies. The native may have supernatural power of healing, spirituality, and tantric practices. Native will naturally succeed in careers or fields related to mysticism, tantric techniques, and astrology. They will have tantra & mantra shakthi.  When Ketu is weak or under malefic affliction, the native may suffer painful death due to incorrect or wrong use of “Tantric procedures”.  When well aspected by Strong Sun, the native may be a good philosopher or a honest politician. They can prosper as bankers or in government jobs. Strong position of Ketu gives spiritual elevation, only when the native sustains pious or ethical mindset. They concentrate on understanding or exploring hidden and mystical reality. Undignified Ketu in the 8th house may result in unsuccessful business ventures because it is the 11th house from 10th house of career.

The areas affected due to the Ketu in the 8th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Ketu in the eighth house represents native’s hidden goals or objectives, their deep desires, and curiosity to explore mystic world. They plan and execute every move to unfold their path into mystic or occult techniques. Ketu elevates mystic power of the native in this house. Ketu ensure transformative experiences, that indirectly affects their mental or subconscious power. Their intuition and hidden talents take them to great places in life. Benefic association from Jupiter or Mercury makes the Ketu in this house, highly potent and strong in spiritual pursuits. These natives will have magical skills and easily master tricks of hypnotism and mentalism. Ketu also blesses ability to understand and demystify hidden energies. These natives will have deep-rooted spiritual knowledge. 

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Ketu in the eighth house natives may have to go through lot of painful efforts and hardwork to attain mystic or spiritual knowledge. They tend to face numerous rejections and disappointments in the process. Weak Ketu in this house causes addiction to bad habits, like intoxication, gambling, or drugs, or other types of obsessions. This eighth house also indicates incurable diseases or chronic ailments. When weak Ketu occupies this house, the native may suffer from incurable disease where the diagnosis or cause is never known. It also makes the native borrow money from friends or in-laws where it directly strains the relationships. When benefic Jupiter or strong Mars aspects Ketu from the sixth and twelfth house, it can largely reduce the negative consequences and create opportunities for constructive results. Moon the second house also benefits the native in the same way.