Mars in 10th House

Mars in the Tenth House – Digbala Strength, Prosperous, Admired, and Motivating Personality!

Mars in Tenth House natives are valorous, wealthy, and well respected in the community. Tenth house in Vedic Astrology represents father, authority, work life, type of profession, fame, or honour through work and social image. It is called the House of Karmic duties or House of action. Presence of Mars in this house blesses extreme strength and courage like a lion. Mars affects the following arenas of life, profession & career, leadership qualities, attitude towards people or surroundings.

Mars in 10th House

Mars in 10th House Love

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Mars in 10th House Marriage

Natives with Mars in this house will have an affectionate and respectful bond with their father and family. The native gains great knowledge and higher learnings from their father. Their father could be in a managerial position or reputed state in his workplace. These natives will be adored for their charm and adventurous nature, they go through many love affairs due to this. They will have marriage arranged by their family/ relatives. They will enjoy a stable and joyful married life with mutual respect. If Mars is debilitated the native might go through challenges with inherited property from siblings or father. They could be quarrelsome with their family or spouse. These natives may suffer blood pressure, liver ailments, or small accidents in their life.

Mars in 10th House Career, Business and Finance

Mars brings brilliant results and success to the individuals in this house who are associated with a political career. It also helps in property-related inheritance and money matters. Well placed Mars in this house indicates jobs related to charitable activities, respect, or social image since their early stages of childhood. These natives’ sine well in Military or armed forces. As Tenth house is the seventh house of fame, social image, and popularity, Mars leads them to career roles where society’s good is involved. Mars with directional strength in this house guides the native’s career towards righteousness or respect & admiration. They achieve great heights that renders both fortune and recognition. They always dream big and if the tenth house in the chart happens to be Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn, the native achieves their dreams and accumulate tremendous wealth. If Mars is in malefic association, it still steers them towards their goals, but they give in to sinful ways to achieve them.

The areas affected due to the Mars in the 10th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Competitive, valour, and Adored are the perfect traits of Mars in the tenth house natives. Positive placements of Mercury, Sun, Saturn and tenth house lord in the chart can strengthen the outcomes of Mars in this house deepening the auspiciousness. When Mars is in the tenth house, it forms a fortunate yoga called Kuldeepak Yoga that translates to ‘Star of the family’. This yoga indicates that the native will be the highly respected or highlighted person in the family tree. These natives believe in uniqueness of every individual and encourage others to shine in their own light. They love themselves and try everything possible to bring out their unique skill/ability. If the tenth house happens to be Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn, it forms a powerful Ruchaka yoga where Mars gains directional strength.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Natives with Mars in the tenth house are popular yet they can be cruel, domineering and crude in the words or expression. When other people try to get in their way or oppose their opinions, they might hurt them with their harsh words. They are tough people as bosses and have high expectations for their subordinates. Sometimes they become cold and calculative in their approach towards their peers. These natives though mean well, they might be misunderstood by some. It may hinder their professional growth or restrict their recognition from their seniors or colleagues.