Mars in 11th House

Mars in the Eleventh House – Goal Oriented, Ambitious social circle, and Abundant Wealth!

Mars in the Eleventh House natives are meticulous and sociable. 11th house in Vedic Astrology is a representative of gains like cash or jewellery, hopes & wishes, goals & ambitions, professional and personal network, friendships, and relationships with elder siblings. Presence of Mars in eleventh house makes the natives enthusiastic, highly engage in diverse activities. It is the most important and dominating house as per the needs of present times. Mars in this house impacts native’s social circle, sudden gains, vision, and native’s hopes & dreams.

Mars in 11th House

Mars in 11th House Love

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Mars in 11th House Marriage

Mars in the eleventh house natives will be competitive and crude in their words. Right from their childhood, they compete with their elder siblings and go on. The native has harshness in his speech or rude body language that forces people to listen and follow their orders. They will attract a beautiful, elegant, and devoted spouse. Their children will be intelligent and talented. Their children could be great athletes. When Mars in this house aspect sixth house of enemies, the combination makes them an excellent warrior. When Mars is not placed favourably it indicates challenges through foes and litigation issues from elder siblings. Mars when aspecting the seventh house the native’s relationship with their children can become bitter. It also indicates that the native’s mother could be disinterested in raising the children or nurturing them.

Mars in 11th House Career, Business and Finance

Mars in the eleventh house is significant in expanding wealth in the native's life. Natives focus on goal setting and carving their own path in achieving the goals. The native will be focused on achieving his goals. Mars in the eleventh house is an excellent planetary placement for work in social organizations or the field of politics or community work. Since these career areas require a large social circle or network, these natives enjoy naturally feasible leadership roles. They also attain success as a manager in tool manufacturing or mechanical engineering fields or even as an army general. The native displays talent to control masses or big crowd. Since 11th house represents aspirations, gains, and profit, placement of Mars in 11th house blesses abundant wealth gains and prosperity. Mars also helps the native obtain success in all business ventures with great profits.

The areas affected due to the Mars in the 11th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Natives with Mars in the 11th House dedicate a lot of time planning and strategizing their goals or dreams. They tirelessly work to fulfil their dreams and are self-motivated. These natives are fond of sporting competitions or debates with their friends. Martian energy makes them hyperactive and eager to win. They have a huge friends circle, and they are most likely to spend all their time arguing because of their very nature. These natives are great socializers and love to address masses. They receive appreciation for their intellectual interests and their inherent knowledge of how to lead. They influence people with this ability; they can thrive well in teamwork or in projects of common goals as well.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Mars also indicates several hurdles and obstacles that hinder the native’s plan of achieving goals. Mars in eleventh house Vedic astrology holds a massive influence on the natives’ mind making it churn out or race with ideas. They find it very hard to put their thoughts in order and into action. This also slows down their pace to reach their goals. Multiple focus areas also exhaust them. Sometimes they make superficial connections yet turn judgemental on those connections. They hardly put in efforts into maintaining relationships. These natives are intolerant and narrow-minded making them unwilling to consider new options or other’s opinions. Mars in this house also indicates violent and aggressive while pursuing their goals that deprives them of good friends.