Mars in 12th House

Mars in the Twelfth House – Loans & Debts, Secret Enemies, and Spiritual pursuits.

Mars in this house makes the native manifest their dreams into reality after a great period of struggle. Twelfth house 12thouse in Vedic Astrology is called the ‘House of mystery’ it denotes hidden talents, hidden powers, and settling overseas, sudden losses like theft or death. According to classical texts like Brihat Jataka, this placement of Mars could be malefic and makes the native suffer from acts of fighting and competition. They may go through phases of indignity or dissatisfaction.

Mars in 12th House

Mars in 12th House Love

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Mars in 12th House Marriage

Natives with Mars in the twelfth house might get bullied as children and face challenged in standing up for themselves regardless of Violent Mars. They might also suffer terrified childhood in school or some type of physical abuse. This often repress and create issues in their role as parent. In some cases, these natives take a critical and opposite direction as they grown into an adult who harms others in the community to vent their anger. Positive placement of Mars in this house grants access spiritual salvation and techniques for obtaining higher wisdom. Negative placement can make the native deceitful or cruel. In extreme malefic associations, the native may be subject to imprisonments or being punished for someone else’s criminal deeds. Friendly or Benefic planet in conjunction can provide some relief from these cruel conditions.

Mars in 12th House Career, Business and Finance

Since this house is of subconscious mind, the native thrives well in fields of fiery or aggressive imagination or creativity. Mars, as a planet of intuition and action, imparts capabilities to execute efficient ideas in an impulse. In rare cases, these natives also endure challenges from secret enemies. They tend to damage their social image or cause physical injuries. 12thhouse Mars’ aspect on third and seventh house increases the desire for material comforts and wealth, if Mars is associated with beneficial planets these desires will be well under control aiding the native to focus on spiritual life. On the contrary, if it is associated with malefic planets, the native may be too focused on sexual desires or carnal desires. Ill placed Mars can harm their financial status to incurring heavy loans and debts. Strength of Mars determine the usage or goodness of these loans being used for business ventures.

The areas affected due to the Mars in the 12th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Positive placement of Saturn and twelfth house lord is important in extending the auspicious nature of Mars in this house. Twelfth house is all about losses or detachment, Mars as a planet of ambitions, feels out of place in this house. Strong Mars breaks free in this house and create or activate grand opportunities. Natives may react emotionally and are prone to repressing their bad instincts if Mars is strong. It’s highly possible they might secretly look up to their own enemies regardless of them having something against them. These good opinions are hidden and well-kept in the back of their minds. It is advised that they redirect all this good energy towards making their enemies into their friends. Fiery planet Mars when associated with beneficial planets, the native enjoy a better life standards and powerful career.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Fallen Mars in this house can make the native indulge in sinful acts leading to isolation or lonely environment. This placement of Mars imparts corrupt nature or hidden agenda in every act of theirs. They tend to have many faces – cunning, competitive, and opportunistic. They may suffer from loss of fame or reputation due to their secret enemies. They are also seen constantly worried or stressed from their manipulative life. In a positive way they may use these many, many faces to win over their enemies in tactical ways.