Mars in 2nd House

Mars in Second House – Ample Wealth, Harsh Speech, and Risk-takers! Mars in the 2nd house natives are impulsive, headstrong, and powerful people. Mars allows them to do well in the speculative areas. Second house in Vedic Astrology relates to family matters, family wealth, inheritance, and accumulated assets and native’s speech. Presence of Mars in this house denotes that the native might invest all their time and energy in accumulating wealth, money and collecting as many possessions as possible. Positive placements of Jupiter, Mercury, and second house lord should be factored to make the most from Mars in second house position. Mars in this house impacts natives’ money and financial status, their profession & career, family ties, and their attitude towards life. 

Mars in 2nd House

Mars in 2nd House Love

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Mars in 2nd House Marriage

Mars in the second house natives will be born in rich family or be born in family who are keen on elevating their financial status. They inherit their hardworking and money mentality from their family. These natives might have rude speech style and unattractive facial features. Strong Mars in this situation makes them influential among crowd through their character and ample wealth. Despite their looks or harsh voice, they reach commanding positions at workplace or business ventures. Second house Mars has adverse effects on spouse and native’s marital life. Their spouse will be constantly ailing from sickness and falling sick over all again. Since this position of Mars is eighth house from the seventh house of marriage, the native’s spouse may have challenges in reproductive system or blood related disorders. Weak Mars in this house gives them mean and undesirable speech pattern. Their behaviour and body language repel others leaving with only handful of friends. They use abusive words or hurtful language which also hurts their bond with their family.

Mars in 2nd House Career, Business and Finance

Natives with Mars in the second house inherit massive properties and grand wealth if Mars is associated with benefic planets in this house. Their excessive focus on materialistic gains coupled with aggression makes them results driven leader. But their speech and body language make them rash leader or peer at work. Strong or well-placed Mars creates medium for the native to work hard, gain recognition and command or obtain power in the society. They have great business aptitude and ideas, their risk-taking capabilities takes them great places, if it works out. When strong Mars aspects fifth house of politics and authority, the native succeeds in politics or real estate development.  

The areas affected due to the Mars in the 2nd House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Natives with Mars in the second House are true hard workers and they never back down until they achieve their goal. They focus on various means to make money while they carefully analyse, plan, and act. These natives are also very practical and logical when it comes to matching their abilities with their ambitions. As they are aware of their strengths and shortcomings, they learn and make great things with their own hands through which they earn loads of money. They are stubborn and love to work alone. Their risk-taking abilities lands them in wonderful opportunities and bring fame in the society to their whole family. 

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Natives with Mars in 2nd House get their ego stroked by a rich bank account and many costly possessions. Their own value is largely associated on how much they make and save. They are never satisfied with what they have and are always seen greedily accumulating money. At the same time, these natives are impulsive spenders, this behaviour of their also keeps them on their toes, working more only to spend more. They derive a sense of happiness and security in accumulating and spending money. They believe that they are always correct and impose their ideas on others. They usually derive all their energy from their aggressive side so most acts of theirs reflect harsh or rude nature.