Mars in 3rd House

Mars in the Third House – Extreme Valour, Competitive, and Supportive sibling relationships!

Mars in the third house makes the native bold, aggressive, and headstrong. These natives are keen on achieving their goals. When Mars, the planet of war is placed in the 3rd house makes the native’s personality very direct and straight forward in the matters of communication. Third house in Vedic Astrology represents siblings, communication, and short distance travel & networking skills. Presence of Mars enhances native’s willpower, courage, and efforts. Mars in this house impacts native’s confidence and energy levels, communication style, and knowledge.

Mars in 3rd House

Mars in 3rd House Love

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Mars in 3rd House Marriage

Natives with Mars in the third house have hyperactive childhood; with lots of Martian energy they never quit from anything nor take a loss easily. They have more than one younger sibling and enjoy good relationships with their siblings. These natives are effective in conflict management or problem-solving when Mars is dignified. When Mars is undignified, the native might be the one who creates problems or initiate fights. At the same time, they get too stressed about trivial things that hurt their ego. This behaviour causes difficulties in marriage or love relationships. They put up a huge fight for simple things only to hurt the other person. They might burn bridges with their relatives or friends due to this quarrelsome behaviour. When Mars is well placed in the chart, the native might demonstrate great valour and positive competitive behaviour.

Mars in 3rd House Career, Business and Finance

Natives of Mars in the third house desire to lead and be in charge of everything at workplaces. They love to establish control or powerfully manage their team members. Dignified Mars makes the native an honest and devoted journalist, also popular fiction, or action-oriented scriptwriters for entertainment biz. If Mars undignified, these natives are likely to be a selfish leader or team manager who only centralises their ideas or opinions. Strong Mars in this house makes them successful athletes or adventure sports personality, sports team manager or coaches. They have a good blend of rude & aggressive with positive authority. These natives can also be marketing salesman, self-made attorneys, or sports gear businessman. These native also have inherent art of weaponry or hunting intuition that makes them good hunters, martial artists or business ventures related to the weapons. If Mars is debilitated, the native could be involved in criminal activities like a thug, bank looter or part of gangster groups.

The areas affected due to the Mars in the 3rd House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Natives of Mars in the 3rd house speaks their mind and are too bold in expressing their ideas and opinions. They are constantly up-skilling themselves on several subjects and love to share their acquired knowledge with others. These natives love to debate and have effective communication style. They are usually brimming with confidence. In their best version, these natives are very enthusiastic, active, animated, and lively. They will be overflowing with positivity that is contagious. People love to be around these natives since their positivity and courage inspires them to more or go an extra mile.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

The natives of Mars in 3rd house strongly believe and defend their opinions. They might favour their family or people of their choice; this is often perceived as a biased behaviour especially at workplaces. They could be too forceful when it comes to communication, they always push their ideas and plans, even in teamwork. The placement of Mars in the 3rd house makes the native try out dangerous stunts in the name of courage and adventure. They tend to become reckless and take huge risks that puts them injuries or accidents. They are also seen to be detrimental in their interests. They are overbearing and too confident to engage in a smooth conversation. Their adventurous lifestyle brings challenges in their love relationships.