Mars in 6th House

Mars in the Sixth House – Perseverant, Ambitious, Healthy and Destroys foes!

Mars in the sixth house is a favourable position. These natives enjoy stable health, deep courage to initiate difficult tasks, and fulfilling their desires. Sixth house in Vedic Astrology denotes enemies or foes, routine work, everyday life, and relationship with surroundings. This house also represents debts, obstacles, fighting spirit of the native, litigation issues, and divorce. Presence of Mars in this house makes the native quite adamant, aggressive, and fervent. Mars impacts the native’s ambitions & aspirations, attitude towards their career or profession, their expectations from others, and perseverance.

Mars in 6th House

Mars in 6th House Love

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Mars in 6th House Marriage

Natives of Mars in the sixth house might have complicated relationships with their mother and younger siblings. It is commonly seen in cases where signs Aquarius, Taurus, or Libra is the 4th house Mars in the horoscope. They attract a spouse who is rich and holds lots of possessions. These natives also inherit immense property from one of the maternal grandparents in the later part of their life. Weak Mars affects health to a great extent. They native falls sick quite often and their immunity system takes a huge hit due to debilitated Mars. They also lose a considerable amount of their wealth towards their health.

Mars in 6th House Career, Business and Finance

Natives of Mars in the sixth house are argumentative, competitive, and too focused on being just, this nature implies that the native could be a successful attorneys, soldiers, or cops. They also shine as athletes, healthcare professionals, or medical surgeons. The native is always ready for fighting any battle for everything they believe in. Strong Mars also gives them an upper hand while tacking their enemies. These natives become merciless and humiliate their enemies who wronged them. Their competitive behaviour guides them towards achieving wins in their life. They will be a demanding and strict boss at work. They will set unrealistic, high expectations for their subordinates or peers. They earn well in their career but due to the 12thaspect of Mars, the natives equally spend all their money on expenses. If Mars is undignified, they may be selfish and hesitate to share the rewards of the teamwork. Also, faces danger or threats from enemies.

The areas affected due to the Mars in the 6th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

If Mars is placed in its own signs- Aries or Scorpio and becomes the 6th house lord, it forms a powerful yoga called- Harsha Viparita Raja Yoga. This planetary placement blesses great health and strong immune power to all diseases. Favourable positions of Saturn and sixth house lord brings more auspicious results from this placement of Mars. These natives are not afraid of anyone and speak only truth; they are street smart and popular in their workplace or locality for their bravery. They are naturally inclined towards accumulation of real estate assets or development. These natives are helpful in nature and be the voice for the voiceless. Natives with Mars in this house are hardworking and ambitious. Their strong mind efficiently balances the different pursuits that they take up and make things better for everyone in their family.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Natives with Mars in sixth house are impatient and desperately want success in everything they try out. They usually feel identified with projects or team they are associated with, so try do everything to do their best. They easily get frustrated if things don’t go as per their plan. Though they are good team players, they expect them to share the same enthusiasm and invest same efforts. They demand credit on behalf of the whole team. These native’s egoistic behaviour and competitive nature earns them lots of enemies. They may face obstacles and danger through their enemies in business situations or in personal life. They also become easily disturbed with delays or postponement. They cannot stand criticism or intrusion into their work.