Planet Mercury in Astrology

Planet Mercury or Buddha is the divine messenger, and according to Vedic astrology, He is associated with the power of words and magic of casting a spell. Lord Buddha enhances academics, career, and education. He makes an individual execute strategic moves and plan every act, strengthening communication skills.

Planet Mercury represents intelligence, witty behaviour, and a sense of humour, and planet Mercury is a benevolent planet in most situations. When well placed in a natal chart, Mercury can bless people with sharp thinking capabilities, intelligence, influencing others, excellent reasoning, and analytical skills. Mercury manages ears, hands, skin, lungs, and nervous system- mind-body coordination on the physical body.

In addition to this, He rules the voice falsetto of a person, thus controlling the influencing power of an individual. Inauspicious placements of Planet Mercury cause poor analytical skills, logical thinking, low intelligence and greatly affects mind-body coordination. Weak Mercury can also be associated with orthopaedic problems, mental health, and stagnated career growth.
Mercury is usually seen strong in the natal chart of orators, vocal artists, writers, astrologers, journalists, mathematicians, accountants, lawyers, entrepreneurs.

Lord Budha is a God of eloquence and a protector of merchants. He is emerald, green in complexion, four-armed holding club, shield, lotus, and books-Vedas. He is seen riding on a carpet or a chariot drawn by lions. His overlord is Mahavishnu; by pleasing this Planet, we can attain material riches and blessings of Vishnu.

The position of the Mercury in different houses and different signs of the horoscope has varying effects. Though these effects rely on lordship, affliction, conjunction, constellation, and aspect, some common attributes are discussed here.

Mercury in various houses according to Vedic Astrology