Mercury in 11th House

Mercury in the Eleventh House – Expanded Intelligence & Financial Gains, Renowned in the society! Mercury in the 11th house represents financial hopes and great ambitions. This house is called the house of gains. Eleventh house in Vedic Astrology represents elder siblings, speaking or communication abilities, inherent intelligence and rational & logical mind. It also shows gains in the native's life through their social network, professional network. Presence of Mercury in the Eleventh House enhances natives’ abilities to communicate, impersonate, and mimic people. Saravali states that Mercury in this house blesses luxurious wealth on natives and attaining more wealth through their wisdom & intellect. They are likely to make ample wealth all through their life span.  

Mercury in 11th House

Mercury in 11th House Love and Relationship

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Mercury in 11th House Marriage

Mercury in 11thhouse blesses ever expanding intellect right from the native’s childhood. They are inquisitive and always looking for answers. Mercury’s aspect on fifth house also blesses numerous auspicious moments and ceremonies. This aspect on fifth house of children and wealth brings fortunate or lucky progeny. This also makes the native kindhearted, compassionate, and well renowned for their selfless deeds. They will be successful in their career quite early in their life like around their teens. These natives enjoy active and romantic love life. They attract a cool, rich, and talented spouse. These natives tend to marry early in life due to their early professional success; this might lead to clandestine casual affairs in their 30s. Anyhow they ensure that it does not affect their marital life.

Mercury in 11th House Career, Business and Finance

Mercury in the eleventh house bestows immense success in careers associated with digital marketing, Ad commercial creators, and social media influencers. They also shine in fields of telecom industry, media, and sports. Their clever mind, intelligence, and their knack with words makes the unique in every field they choose. They gain much wealth along with already existing family wealth through speculation, marketing, and trading. They inherit business acumen from their ancestors and establish business that make their whole family proud. If lord of the eleventh house is well placed along with strong Mercury, the native experiences exponential growth of financial gains and assets. On the contrary, when the Mercury is poor, they lose the wealth through elder siblings or business partnerships. They also face challenges in fulfilling their dream and desires.  The natives are seen constantly stuck in the dreamy world and procrastinate their tasks. 

The areas affected due to the Mercury in the 11th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Natives with Mercury in eleventh house are valorous, trustworthy, and straight forward. They always keep their promises and stay true to their words. It is almost impossible to influence them or see them take stress. Their life is likely designed to enjoy and cherish. Their intellectual way of working things through enables them attain prowess in multiple streams. Eleventh house as the house of profits expands Mercury’s natural traits of wit, logical mind, and analytical skills. They are efficient multitaskers and taste success in all entrepreneurial pursuits. They will have deep faith in religious rituals and are keen on learning traditions or culture of their homeland. They will be naturally skilled at acting and emoting on screen

Negative Traits - Distractors 

They get overconfident and do not process ideas well. They can also lack of complex thinking and efficiency in planning new ideas which can result in interim losses of wealth. They will have poor appetite for food and often fall sick due to poor immunity or stamina challenges. Their sharp intellect and sharp tongue hurt people or close family members causing arguments or loss of good friends. They are overly keen on punctuality and discipline that can make them strict or hostile. In certain cases, the native might have begun shouldering big family responsibilities or family’s wealth early in their childhood due to the absence of father.