Mercury in 1st House

Mercury in the First House- Intelligent, Brave, and Entrepreneurship! Mercury in the first house or ascendant makes the native insightful and intelligent. First house in Vedic Astrology represents the map of the native’s entire life, everything about the self, and physical body. First house in Astrology holds ample information about the native’s self-identity, personality, and soul realisation. In fact, this house is the ultimate reference for every individual’s core nature. Mercury represents our mental make-up, the way we perceive things or analyse things as we see them. Mercury in ascendant impacts professional life, expression & communication, and the native’s attitude towards acquiring knowledge.

Mercury in 1st House

Mercury in 1st House Love and Relationship

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Mercury in 1st House Marriage

Mercury in the ascendant natives will have great academic record and are mostly first benchers. They make their parents proud with their talented or skilled academics. Mercury in lagna gives happy go lucky relationships. The native’s lively personality along with intellect attracts the opposite sex. The natives will be popular in their school or college days. They tend to use their strong communication and expression to woo the love of their life. These natives are attracted towards people with the same level of communication skills. The native will be affectionate and compassionate with their partner. They marry early in life. They spend their early 20s with the love of their life filled with joy, laughter, and romance. If the Mercury is ill placed in the chart, the native might be calculative and manipulative with their partner. They can also be involved in illicit relationships or sinful acts like gambling, pornography.

Mercury in 1st House Career, Business and Finance

When Mercury is placed in the first house, the entire life chart of the native revolves around the communicative abilities and expression. Communication plays a major role in their life and becomes an essential part of business goals. The native could have a unique career options like sign language interpreter or expert, creative writer, cartoonist, and photographer. Popular fields like public speaking, intellectual artist or philosopher or motivational speaker also suit them. These natives are jack of all trades and aspire to learn everything possible under the Sun. They could also be successful in politics or legal fields. Their analytical skills help them make money through investments or stock market. Ill placed Mercury makes it difficult for the native to establish business ideas or deprives them of financial resources to succeed in the business ventures.  If the first house lord is strong in the chart, the native can overcome these obstacles to succeed as a merchant. 

The areas affected due to the Mercury in the 1st House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Placement of Mercury in its own sign or exalted sign in the first house (or in Kendra houses of 1, 4,7 or 10) results in powerful yoga called Bhadra Yoga. Mercury in the 1st house natives are fuelled by the thrill of the unknown, they are passionate about learning new things. They are constantly hankering for something new, interesting, and exciting. They are interesting people with immense information to share and wide range of interests. Their thought process is well enriched by Mercury. They are versatile and steadfast on trying new things outside their comfort zone. They are always in movement and are adaptable in changing situations. The natives with Mercury in the 1st house express themselves and their emotions in the most ideal way due to strong Mercury and their natural curiosity makes them a successful merchant with great ideas. 

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Mercury in the first house natives are capable of dominating others and overpower others during discussions or debates. They have too much information and number driven that they fail to factor in other’s emotions. They are always busy thinking and their mind is preoccupied about what they see or hear. They are not attentive to hear what others are saying. They are often perceived as rude and stubborn because of their intellect. In a way, they do become insensitive and callous to the sentiments of others. They may not be able to hold on to nice or great relationships in life because of their intellectual dominance.