Mercury in 2nd House

Mercury in Second House – Elegance, Kind Speech and High morals! Presence of Mercury in the second house denotes intelligence and enhanced speaking skills. Second house in Vedic astrology represents speech, family, accumulated wealth, and eyes/face in the physical body. When Mercury is in the second house, the natives are likely to be witty and intelligent. Their knowledge reflects in every aspect of their life and utilise their intellect to accumulate wealth. Mercury in this house has great impacts on the native’s presence of mind, speech & intelligence, and family life & financial stability. It can also influence the facial features and vision. 

Mercury in 2nd House

Mercury in 2nd House Love and Relationship

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Mercury in 2nd House Marriage

Strong Mercury in Dhan Bhava can bestow happy childhood and good academic record. These natives get dignified, rich, and well-mannered spouse. They are passionate and trustworthy partners in marital life. Longevity and health of the spouse is largely reliant on Mercury’s strength in the chart. Their voice intonation and romantic speech attracts opposite sex. Negative influence of malefic planets on second house can alter the tone or speech of the native resulting in rude or harsh voice. Weak or debilitated Mercury can make the native too cynical and they tend to take long period to form bond of trust with friends or spouse. Their spouse could be less virtuous and disloyal. They are likely to see relationships or friendships as business transaction due to poor Mercury and they are keen on receiving over giving. 

Mercury in 2nd House Career, Business and Finance

Natives with Mercury in second house make great livelihood by utilising their intellect and communication skills or tactful speech. They are inherently talented and intuitive on managing finances. They will be successful in fields relating to finance, investments, or orators, mass media or journalism. If the second house lord is well placed in the chart along with strong Mercury, the native might be popular movie directors or novelists. These natives have strong family values and are attached on traditions & culture. If Mercury is weak, the person may become too rigid on their opinions or ideas and defends them at all costs. Debilitated Mercury can also result in displaced intuition that leads to bad financial decisions. They face difficulty in navigating through uncertain situations.  They may also become arrogant due to their intelligence and management capabilities that are likely to lead to issues at work.

The areas affected due to the Mercury in the 2nd House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Positive placement of Jupiter and second house lord plays a major in outlining the results of Mercury in this house. Their glorious speech resonates high grounds of morality and ethics. Their motivational speech or charisma is highly contagious and influential. It is important to note that both Mercury and the 2nd House are all about speech and presence of Strong Mercury accentuates self-expression. These natives will be shrewd and intelligent speakers/ orators. In addition to this, these natives with Mercury in the 2nd house will be great with finance management and money matters. These natives can efficiently analyse, decide, differentiate, and plan things and decisions. They can easily channelise their subconscious and conscious thoughts towards great actions. Their unique deep voice will have powerful impact on people and their ideas are well articulated in both verbal and written forms of communication. 

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Natives with Mercury in 2nd house operate in their own way, they do not like to be rushed into anything or someone defining timelines to them. They hate panic and this is also a reason behind their over analysis of things so they can make an informed decisions without panic. Sometimes, they could be too stubborn to follow instructions making it difficult at both work and relationships. In the situations demanding an instant decision, they face a lot of difficulties in figuring what to do. Natives of Mercury in the 2nd house are often forced to learn that not every situation can be controlled by intellect or planning, no matter how hard they try. If they don’t get their way, it becomes tough for them and upsets them beyond comprehension.