Mercury in 3rd House

Mercury in Third House- Supportive Siblings, Unique Skills and Mental Strength! 3rd house in Vedic Astrology denotes siblings and early life or childhood, interactions with immediate surroundings like neighbours or friends, thought forms, short travels, writing & speaking skills. It also represents the way we form or process thoughts, speak, learn a language. When Mercury is placed in the 3rd house, the natives are talented, curious, and inquisitive. They have wide range of interests and skills that apply in every field. Bhrigu sutras mention that the native will have great sense of ethics, righteousness, and dignity well early in their life or childhood. Mercury in this house has great impact on profession, interests/hobbies, and relationships & bonding. 

Mercury in 3rd House

Mercury in 3rd House Love and Relationship

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Mercury in 3rd House Marriage

Natives with Mercury in third house are blesses with courageous and helpful siblings who guide or assist natives all through their life. They gain wealth and moral support from their siblings and have deeply rooted connection with them. They are congenial and helpful with their surroundings most of the time. They are committed to their family duties and marital spouse. They attract talented, cooperative spouse who brings lot of luck to the native. They enjoy blissful married life and conjugal bliss. While their marital life is stable, they could be flirtatious at certain moments and can face mild hiccups in their marital life. If Mercury is associated with malefic planets in the house, the native might not be devoted to a single partner, also tend to remain in contact with exes even after breakups/ separation. They can lose their siblings or paternal wealth. These natives lie efficiently with a straight face and use their friendly personal and tact to get away from delicate situations.

Mercury in 3rd House Career, Business and Finance

Short travels on the account of higher education or recognition or career growth is one of the highlights of this placement. They are astoundingly successful in the fields of digital marketing, IT sector, and all fields of engineering. These natives also do well in content writing, blogging, publishing, and journalism. Their calculative nature and analytical skills help them succeed in speculative businesses. They tend to take way too much pride in their multitalented nature and multitasking abilities which sometimes affect better functioning at workplace. If Mercury is negatively afflicted, the natives harness their clever and tactful nature towards unethical acts.

The areas affected due to the Mercury in the 3rd House:

  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element

Positive Traits - Influencers  

When Mercury is strong in addition to well placed third house lord, the natives earn great gains through their unique skill set and they are usually child prodigies. It is mentioned that they natives can be super successful as early as at 15 years of age, they can posses assets or earn an actual job by their own efforts. Positive aspects on the ninth house also enhances the good results of this position. They are interested in mentoring and coaching or exchanging ideas with their intellectual group. They are very agile in learning and achieve prowess over the acquired skills. These people are list makers, versatile, and multitaskers. They are great at organising or managing mass events with ease. They are seen quite involved in their community. 

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Natives with Mercury in third house are too focused on enhancing their talent or honing their skills, they miss out on friends or normal course of life. Because of their excess talent or intelligence, they lack social skills. If Mercury is weak, it results in hypercritical personality who tend to be suspicious and cynical about everything. They can be very nervous and fidgety. In the aim of keeping trend with current affairs they are seen actively involved gossiping and trivial talks. They can be talkative, hasty, and often blab in social circle.