Mercury in 7th House

Mercury in the Seventh House – Diplomatic, Pleasant, and Obedient Personality! Mercury in the seventh house natives are of pleasant speech and gentle behaviour. This is a good placement for Mercury. Seventh house in Vedic Astrology represents marriage, spouse, legal partnerships including business partnerships and fame. It can also denote physical relationship, intimacy, and orientation. The presence of Mercury in this house influences personality attributes including coordination, rationality, and ideas. It has an impact on marital life, partnerships, and mind matters in life. In the physical system, the lower part of the abdomen area, small and large intestines, kidneys are governed by this house. 

Mercury in 7th House

Mercury in 7th House Love and Relationship

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Mercury in 7th House Marriage

Natives with Mercury in the seventh house will have good academies or at the least great life skills. They are blessed with a partner with deep worldly wisdom, intelligence, and comprehensive understanding of human behaviour and society. Even if they are not learned scholars, their observant nature exudes deep knowledge of studying human and societal behaviour. When learned, their spouse or life partner will be professional literature writer, journalist, or associated with divine arts that are attributes of Mercury. When Mercury is dignified, the native enriches their interpersonal and communication skills in collaboration with their spouse. If Mercury is undignified in the chart, the native might face dissatisfaction in their physical intimacy and tend to be in relationships outside of legal marital life. These natives might have challenges in progeny and will have only one child through medical help or treatments. 

Mercury in 7th House Career, Business and Finance

Mercury in the seventh house blesses successful career in BPOs, call center units or coaching institutions. They could also excel in sales &marketing partnerships and bank or real estate agents. Strong Mercury with well placed seventh house lord in the horoscope can bestow career roles like consultant, liaison, airline personnel, and government diplomats. Usually, these natives do not face shortage of wealth or money. Their business partnerships succeed and prosper. They succeed around 33 years of age with good savings and fortune through spouse. Undignified Mercury might affect the tenth house of career. Seventh house is the powerhouse of tenth house as per Bhavat Bhavam technique, so weak mercury has direct effects on career and entrepreneurship pursuits. 

The areas affected due to the Mercury in the 7th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Natives with Mercury in the 7th house enjoy long-term blissful marital life. Their ability to communicate and express their emotions along with the realistic view of relationships strengthens their marital chords or partnerships. In every partnership, these natives are giving and forgiving ensuring smooth relationships. Their relationship is characterised by unconditional love and attachment. These natives make great financial success through business partnerships and gain unexpected wealth. They maintain sincerity, commitment, and loyalty in all partnerships. Mercury in the 7th house natives thrive in their professional lives, go on overseas travels for career and education. They have great power to grasp and learn things with excellent communication skills. They are also fond of learning new languages. These natives are highly diplomatic and are good negotiators. 

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Natives with Mercury in the 7th house constantly crave to be in a relationship or need a companion, they cannot stand loneliness. They always have so much to share and discuss. They go through mood swings until they find a best companion to spend time with. Sometimes they may feel sad or unhappy for baseless reasons. They overanalyse every date, every meeting with possible partners. They need closure in every emotional situation, and this makes it difficult for the other person to proceed with the committed relationship with the native. These natives tend to suffer frequent problems in health disorders pertaining to the lower abdomen both genetic and chronic.