Mercury in 8th House

Mercury in the Eighth House – Deeply Intuitive, Sweet Speech Intonation, and Popularity! Mercury in the Eighth House blesses improved longevity, property assets, and financial foundation. Eighth house in Vedic Astrology represents reasons of death, factors that affect longevity, and unexpected or sudden events. This house has direct impact on natives’s lifespan and the nature of their death. Presence of Mercury in this 8th house makes the natives very curious about everything they encounter, their surroundings, and environment. The arenas of life affected by Mercury in this house are, social life, their sense of trust on people, and quality of mind/thoughts.

Mercury in 8th House

Mercury in 8th House Love and Relationship

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Mercury in 8th House Marriage

Well placed Mercury promotes harmonious situations at home. In spite of their mysterious nature, they love their family and ensure their security. Mercury enhances communication with spouse and in-laws with its influence on second & eighth house. They have attractive life partner and with lot of trust and understanding in marital life. If Mercury is fallen in this house or associated with malefic planet, it can result in health issues that affect or reduces life span of the natives. They could possibly inherit ill health situations that are irreversible in nature.  Their secretive nature and intelligence in getting away with their ill acts often causes issues in personal life of the native. Their violent and aggressive nature might make them irrational. 

Mercury in 8th House Career, Business and Finance

Their analytical work in scriptures, complex science theories, and law & order makes them successful as scriptwriters and fiction novelists. They reach high authority roles in career with government or federal agencies like Judge or Magistrate with power to decide destiny or future of people. These natives are also seen making careers associated with people’s death like criminal investigations, funeral services, and managing cemeteries. If Jupiter is strong and well associated with Mercury in this house, these natives can coach or teach people on hypnotism, spiritual skills like yoga, tantric meditation, and psyche healing. If Mercury is undignified in the chart, the native might have a menial career or pursue their interests in occult without making monetary benefits. If Malefic planet aspects Mercury in this house, the native might use their mystic knowledge for sinful acts in the society.

The areas affected due to the Mercury in the 8th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Strong Mercury blesses protection from chronic ailments and reduces health issues. They will have mesmerising facial features and deeply set eyes. They are popular for their gaze and charisma. With this combination of speech tone and depth in their eyes, they can transform or influence masses. Their mysticism and transformational abilities with a tinge of sweetness of Mercury can make them a successful yet unpredictable leader. Their psychological intellect is their win. They tend to deeply believe that everything they think about or act on has a higher purpose. Their penetrating mind and excellent strategies make them popular. Mercury in this house makes the natives highly inclined on occultism, hypnotism, and astrophysics or metaphysics fields. They are inquisitive and always desire to get to the root of the issue and unravel mysteries or secrets. 

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Natives with Mercury in this house must keep their inclination towards occult or paranormal research under check. Sometimes they tend to go overboard and derail from their purpose. Their unpredictable nature affects their relationships with their family or lineage that prevents them from inheriting financial gains through ancestors. Their secretive nature throws challenges in relationships since their partner finds it hard to understand or decipher their acts into feelings. They do not lower their inhibitions even in the closest relationships yet reveal their findings about others making them too scary in relationships.  It is almost impossible to win their trust in relationships or partnerships.