Moon in 12th House

Moon in the Twelfth House- Fond of foreign comforts and Spiritually inclined Mother! Moon in the twelfth house gives moderately favourable outcomes. Positive placement of Jupiter, Saturn or Venus in the horoscope plays a major role in this placement of Moon. Twelfth house in Vedic Astrology represents hidden talents, spiritual dimensions, secrecy, and foreign lands. Twelfth house is often termed as house of losses that denotes loss of wealth, energy, or time. In the positive way, this house can also be described as the loss of jealous or material attachments. Moon in this house impacts various facets of life, seclusion, material life, and emotion & thoughts. 

Moon in 12th House

Moon in 12th House Love and Relationship

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Moon in 12th House Marriage

The native will be emotionally distant from everyone and will be fond of solitude. Their mother will also have the exact nature. She will be a very private person and often maintain a distant relationship with the children. The native’s excessive desire on gains through foreign resources often makes them snooty or look down on own siblings. They disown their siblings or close family to enjoy luxurious lifestyle. Over time they tend to become slothful and lethargic. Moon when aspecting the fifth house, the native will manipulate family and friends in believing that they are shouldering huge burden in the family. They use this card to evade from various responsibilities. Similarly, when Moon is aspecting the seventh house, the native’s spouse may be nurturing but of ill health. Moon rules the emotions and thought patterns, negative affliction can result in negative behaviour, angry, and cynical nature. When negatively afflicted Moon is aspecting sixth house it can make the native quarrelsome, malicious, and a mean spirit. These people are secretive in nature and can have secret romantic inclinations which can be determined through Moon’s strength. 

Moon in 12th House Career, Business and Finance

Natives with Moon in twelfth house will move to a far-off land for career or business needs. They can be interested in hobbies like surfboard or rowing activities if Moon is strong. Native can even be popular through these water sports, art & creativity, acting and singing. Native can succeed in their career only after 40-50 years of age. Strong Moon can be diplomat, new editor, and great leader in their office. in If Moon is associated with malefic planet in this house, it can increase expenses and wasteful usage of resources. It can also cause minor accidents or acute illness. Their overindulgent nature in toxic habits can make them fall sick for liver or digestive disorders. 

The areas affected due to the Moon in the 12th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

When Moon is strong in the twelfth house, the natives can reap positive benefits. The native can inherit paternal uncle’s wealth. They can make great gains of wealth through agricultural or farming businesses. The natives will be soft spoken, well-behaved, and victorious. There will be expenses regardless of the strength of the Moon, however if the Moon is well placed the expenses will be of auspicious nature. Moon also decides their nature in their marital life. 

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Moon in the 12th house natives are characterised by an intermittent surge of emotions and feelings. They can be liars for their own gains, and they go through humongous expenses for their own comforts and luxury. The natives are quite perceptive yet often confused with which emotion to deal with. They are flooded with way too many thoughts or emotions that are difficult to articulate. Their frequent mood swings curb them from discovering their emotional relationship needs. The common negative outcome is denial of responsibility and karmic duties. They use their hypersensitivity card as an excuse for eluding from their duties and remain emotionally immature most times.