Moon in 2nd House

Moon in the Second House – Family values and Finance Experts! Moon in 2nd house or Dhan Bhava imparts an inherent need for financial security. Moon in this house makes the native give importance to material security through which they ensure emotional fulfilment. The second house is a representative of wealth, family values, family lineage and family assets, bank savings, and vocal activities including singing, public speaking, and poetry. In the physical body the house relates to throat, mouth, and neck. These natives with Moon in 2ndhouse will be extroverts and be born in rich or royal family with social reputation. These natives will be fond of eating good food, collecting luxurious jewellery or gems. Most of their wealth will be assets and tend to face fluctuations in liquid cash just like the waxing or waning of the Moon. They spend in an extravagant manner to feel more secured in their life.    

Moon in 2nd House

Moon in 2nd House Love and Relationship

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Moon in 2nd House Marriage

Moon results in deep emotional connections with their family. They will be part of dignified family in the society. Moon in this house blesses traditional mother who teaches family values and father's legacy. The native will also be proud in carrying the legacy of the family/ father. Moon in affliction with malefic planets poses possibility of infidelity, break ups, and inconvenience in progeny matters. Regardless of contouring the family pride they will have little affection for his family. Poorly placed Moon can make the native lose money on account of their female siblings or daughter. Their state of wealth fluctuates as the Moon grows and diminishes.  

Moon in 2nd House Career, Business and Finance

Moon in this house enables the native to be linguistic, skilled, and knowledgeable in many fields. They will travel a lot and tend to settle overseas in the later part of their life. Strong Moon with benevolent associations is suitable for successful medical work as doctors, healthcare specialists and therapists.  They earn wealth and popularity through their medical work. Positively afflicted Moon blesses expert knowledge on finances, investments, and stock market. Negatively afflicted position of Moon may work passive aggressively robbers or scammers. Moon creates ample opportunities to accumulate wealth through cheating or Ponzi schemes. Native might earn wealth but lose family ties due to scams and frauds.

The areas affected due to the Moon in the 2nd House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

According to Bhrigu Sutras people with Moon in second house will be splendid, bright, charming, and attract people with their charming facial features. They attain professional success and ample wealth. Moon enables these natives to bring out their creative side of brain in arts, music, or literature writings. These natives will be soft-spoken, pleasure-loving with magnetic personality. Moon makes them tolerant, harmonious, and fortunate in life. People with Moon in 2nd house will also be charitable, extremely wealthy, and tend to settle overseas. They will be respected by scholars and society. Positive placement of Moon in this house blesses large family, happy children, and huge social circle. They get timely help from the opposite sex and earn gains. Positively manifested second house results in active social work and upliftment of communities. 

Negative Traits - Distractors 

2nd house also gives information on married life and often referred as Marka House- Marka meaning houses that can mentally & physically exhaust us. The negative aspect of the 2nd house denotes that the native goes through challenges that can drain them to death. Afflicted Moon gives emotionally staggered ups and downs episodes in life. They may face issues with their marital partner, or their partner could be secretive leading to misunderstandings in the relationship. If Moon aspects the eighth house of hidden knowledge, it will drive the native to discover the truth about their life to break free. Moon also results in lots of reckless money management and natives face financial challenges to control their spending.