Moon in 3rd House

Moon in Third House – Straightforward nature, Massive success in Print Media! Moon in the 3rd house makes the native witty, intuitive, and clever. Third house in Vedic Astrology represents communication, siblings, courage, travels, and social circle like neighbours or relatives. The presence of the Moon in this 3rd house results in excessive travelling and big social circle. In this position, Moon imparts excellent communicative ability and passion for print media & journalism. As Moon handles creativity and crude originality, the native will be creative, imaginative, and innovative. They will have secondary income and enjoy an easy, relaxed life with so many domestic helps and servants around. The areas of life that Moon in this house influences are profession, relationship with society and approach towards life. 

Moon in 3rd House

Moon in 3rd House Love and Relationship

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Moon in 3rd House Marriage

People with Moon in third house have fluctuating temperament and emotional. They would be sincerely devoted to their love life but will be demanding, overly sensitive, and clingy partners. They gain money or inheritance through their life partner. They become parents quite early in life. These natives will be attached to their siblings and share a good bond with them. If Moon is afflicted in the chart, these individuals tend to be suspicious and possessive of their partner. Healthwise, these natives will be cynical and consult medical help even for trivial smaller health issues. But stop taking medication once they start to feel slightly better. Strong Moon also blesses supportive environment of relatives and neighbours. 

Moon in 3rd House Career, Business and Finance

Moon in this house blesses successful career in media industry, journalism, cinema fields like acting, directing and lyricists. They are a pro in careers associated with any form of expression. They are successful leaders and gain respect from peers or subordinates. They will also have great support in the form of domestic aid and other servants. Strong Moon in the chart, enhances financial status by creating provisions for secondary even tertiary sources of income. If Moon is negatively afflicted in the third house, the native will be fickle or absent minded resulting in problems in business or profession. Moon affects the concentration power of the native. They switch jobs often and finds it hard to focus. The native is seen emotionally perturbed and mentally absent most times. They might be betrayed by co-workers or business partners.

The areas affected due to the Moon in the 3rd House:

  • List Element
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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Immediate result of Moon in the third house is self-expression through words or speech. Moon blesses great affection from the native’s siblings. They hold great respect for other’s ideas or emotions. Strong Moon makes them meditative, receptive to higher divine energies. They are intellectual and rational people regulated by their temporary moods. Moon enables these people to encourage their friends to be bold and powerful. They are coy of the limelight and tend to work in the background. These people do not prefer doing domestic chores because of their wealthy lifestyle. They will be highly tolerant and liberal towards domestic help and servants or treat them equal most times.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Moon in 3rd house makes the native work hard and feel lethargic at the same time. Their professional life highly depends on their mood at that moment and often change gears in achieving their goals. Afflicted Moon stops the native from listening to the inner psyche. Their mood swings play a spoilsport. In other words, every action of the native is governed by their mood, and they are seen fighting between heart & brain in making decisions. The native develops a fascination for hearing praises about them. They love to be adorned and can lose wealth through fake praises. Negatively afflicted Moon can affect their hearing capabilities or undergo surgeries to fix the deficiency as well.