Moon in 6th House

Moon in the 6th house – Cognitive Power, Competent and Service Oriented! Moon in the 6th house natives are characterized by unique of inclusive nature of serving and helping other people. Sixth house in Vedic Astrology represents enemies, sickness of the physical body, life routine, and relationship with co-workers or subordinates. This is also the house of debt, obstacles, conflict management, war or litigation, and divorce. Moon in this house impacts various aspects of life most importantly maternal emotions, professional life, and the way we connect with people or surroundings in addition to native’s health and hygiene. Moon in this house makes the natives silent, distracted, and over-thinkers. Moon in this house is a poor placement.

Moon in 6th House

Moon in 6th House Love and Relationship

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Moon in 6th House Marriage

Moon in this house has great impact on mind and the way their thinking progress. These natives are likely to be absent minded and delusional. When the Moon is strong and alone in the sixth house the native might have moderate academics. If the Moon is posited along with Mercury (planet of intelligence), the natives might be good in education. Their mind is always up and running processing destructive things about their family members and spouse. Their health also takes a major hit due to their hyperactive mind especially if the Moon is positioned in the sixth and twelfth house from the seventh house. Their emotional state of unrest brings unnecessary chaos in their life.

Moon in 6th House Career, Business and Finance

Moon posited in the sixth house, when looks at the eleventh house of gains it can create conflicts with elder siblings or loss of money through them. It also results in loss of wealth from people in professional network circle. At the same time when Moon aspects the twelfth house, it brings remedy for the native's conflicted hyperactive mind and health. Overseas travels and new social circle in the foreign lands will turn lucky. They will perform well in the roles like a lawyer or attorney and research scientists or a healer. The native will be actively involved in social work and humane activities.

The areas affected due to the Moon in the 6th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Moon in 6th house have an emotional need or inclination to be useful, productive, and kind to others. They love to be organized and systematic. They love to stay on top of things so they can lead and be aware since they do not handle uncertainty well. These natives require variety, depth, and richness on their job roles. They must feel busy, active, and engaged to stick onto a on role. They move away from jobs, relationships, or friendships if they do not feel safe and contented. Most of these natives are likely to go around switching jobs since they are always looking for the “perfect fit” job. These natives are compassionate people. They always look out for chances to help others. They often reorient themselves in such a manner that their growth and promotion at work uplifts or helps others.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

The native of Moon in the sixth house might not have a cordial relationship with their mother regardless of their love for their mother. Their fickle mind becomes the source of conflict in their maternal life and marital life. Moon in this house also causes delay in making decisions or overthinking. Their doubtful state of mind deprives them of all perfect opportunities to establish good bonding with family, friends, children, and in-fact self.  Afflicted Moon causes mild to major mental issues or brain diseases based on the degree of malefic nature. If the Moon's position of Navamsa chart is sixth, eighth or twelfth position, the native might require surgical medical treatment for brain diseases.