Moon in 7th House

Moon in the 7th house – Strive for Harmony, Balance and Compromise! Moon in the seventh house makes the native honest, wise, bold, and outspoken. Seventh house in Vedic Astrology represents marital unions, partnerships, contracts, and lawsuits, short travels. Moon in this house affects the native’s association with others and their environment, it also stretches its power to their emotional response towards others. Natives with Moon in the 7th house are likely to be grounded, grateful, and rich in character. They will have great qualities of determination, sincerity, and straightforwardness. Moon in this house has an impact on marital life, our behavior towards others, and travels, business partnerships.

Moon in 7th House

Moon in 7th House Love and Relationship

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Moon in 7th House Marriage

Moon in the seventh house blesses youthful, beautiful, and highly affectionate partner. Their soulmate will be a source of peace and emotional security which in turn bestows strong marital life. Seventh house belongs to the triangle of desires and Moon in this house signifies passionate spouse and ample sensual satisfaction. Strong Moon in this house also brings good fertility and healthy reproductive organs. On the contrary, if the Moon is negatively afflicted, these natives might have extramarital relationships regardless of an overprotective and domineering spouse. They could be sterile and have weak reproductive cells. They will constantly seek for emotional gratification and are only into beautiful looks. 

Moon in 7th House Career, Business and Finance

Moon in the seventh house means that the native derives emotional stability by actively involved in a partnership. The native will be a great businessman or merchant with a knack for deals or partnerships. Moon in this house also indicates that the native's mother could be business oriented. Seventh house denotes trading & business in foreign lands, Moon promotes luck and fortune in these areas and successful foreign partnerships. These natives see eventual fame through food industry, real estate, or resort/accommodation business. Moon in this house blesses frequent travels especially to water related spaces like islands or coastal regions. Seventh house also powers tenth house, the house of career/profession, this combination in the presence of strong Moon indicates heightened entrepreneurship and leadership skills. If the Moon is weak or in it waning phase at birth the native might be overly desiring and jealous with deep dark thoughts in their mind. They will be prompted to accumulate wealth through unethical deeds.

The areas affected due to the Moon in the 7th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Native with Moon in the seventh house will be joyful, easy going, and emotionally well-balanced individuals. It also represents a stable and balanced mind especially while striking deals or partnership. They will get good education and have excellent academic track. Moon in the seventh house aspects the first house also indicating an excellent physique, charming face, and balanced personality. They emphasize on external appearance, social behavior, and sense of style.  These natives can be chiefly defined by a caring attitude and strong bonding with the people around them.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

The natives with Moon in the 7th house must be cautious about their over dependence on others since this house is all about partnerships and Moon in this position pushes all responsibilities on the emotions. This can result in too much reliance on others, their actions and words. They go defunct once their partner or spouse leaves or breaks up. They also seem to dwell a lot on their past, be it happiness or sad moments, this often takes away opportunities that come their way in the current moment. They are also seen too engrossed in worldly comforts and sensual pleasures with opposite sex. They may be cheated by their business partners or friends. They can suffer injuries through weapons.