Moon In Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius Sign, Transformation and Hidden talents! - Moon in Aquarius is a neutral placement for Moon. Aquarius is a fixed airy sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn shares an inimical relationship with Moon and Moon shares a neutral relationship with Saturn so this placement for Moon is neither great nor poor. Saturn’s strength in the chart defines the outcome of the placement as he is the guiding planet for Moon in Aquarius. Intuitive, ability to comprehend hidden energies and deep transformational phase are the key criteria of Moon in Aquarius placement. These natives are highly meticulous and have great strategies in mind. This meticulousness comes with great deal of overthinking, constant fear of uncertainty. Every good attribute of this combination has an equal and opposite trait for instance, their analytical skills bring too much scrutiny to life. This also denotes that their response to life is greatly slowed down by over exertion for tiny details. This also spreads to their relationships and friendships. They tend to point out simple mistakes causing annoyance and overly critical. This paranoid behaviour can disrupt their social circle and marital life. If Saturn is well placed, the natives enjoy good financial status, otherwise there is a constant fluctuation in the monetary state. 

These natives with Moon in Aquarius can be super successful research scientists and physicists who make breakthrough inventions if Moon and Saturn are well placed in the chart. They are detail oriented, possess in depth knowledge about everything and ardent ability to conduct profound research. Another important trait of this combination is the stress resistant element, they can withstand unbearable pressure situations and emerge with successful answers. Their life goes through a tremendous transformational phase helping them explore their hidden talents. They are naturally capable of understanding complex structures and digital arena.

Dignified Saturn in the chart also makes them pious and work for the upliftment of communities, involved in fundraisers and humanitarian activities. Alternatively, if the planet is afflicted negatively, the natives are involved in immoral activities and unethical practices, also bad desires & addictions. They are secretive in nature and are susceptible to immoral satisfaction for their heightened sensual desires.