Moon In Cancer

Moon in Cancer Sign, Emotional and Admirable! - Moon in Cancer sign is an auspicious placement since Moon is in its own sign. This also means that the Moon’s strength in the horoscope determines the outcomes of this placement. Moon becomes its own guiding planet in this position. Individuals with this placement are helpful, emotional, and sensitive in nature. They have charming personality and attractive looks. Their emotional intelligence will be the key component of their life success. Moon in cancer forms a protective energy around the individual and amplifies their emotional quotient. Their mind power will be of distinctive capabilities. Their ability to think logically and plan efficiently are all gifts from the Moon. They are likely to possess a strong drive and determination to live a grand life. 

They are emotional people and are receptive to other’s emotions as well. They are good listeners and are usually have successful relationships. Their marital life remains strong until their emotions are balanced. These individuals are quite adaptable and compromising in nature. With well organised thoughts and fool proof plan they can create patterns and creative designs in the matter of minutes or hours. These individuals make great interior designers, artists, or jewellery designers. They are also capable of decoding complex information making them a pro in science and research. Cancer sign along with Moon represents water element; this also results in native making money through water related business domains.

Natives with Moon in Cancer placement have an unconscious need to be empathetic and emotionally available; this makes them prone to extra marital relationships. Their emotions often influence their logical thinking and decision-making process. If the natives are in leadership roles at work, this results in irrational and biased decisions. If Moon is undignified in the horoscope they will be highly attracted to the opposite sex and may face challenges through that.