Moon In Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn sign, Persistent and Structured thought process! - Moon in Capricorn is a moderate placement. Capricorn is a cardinal earthy sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn shares an inimical relationship with Moon. Saturn is the guiding planet for this position of Moon and the outcomes are highly determined by the strength of Saturn in the horoscope. Though this placement naturally imposes roadblocks in life, it imparts great life lessons to the native. When Moon is positioned in Capricorn, the native is quite persistent, reliable, and stubborn. qualities that Saturn awards the natives with. Such people are stubborn in nature. When they have made their mind, nothing can change their decision. There is seriousness in their tone and a sense of stability in their life. Moon in this sign is in seventh sign from its own sign cancer, this Kendra Bhava brings equal good and bad outcomes. 

Natives with Moon in Capricorn are hard workers and progress slow in their life. They shine well and earn a lot of money in the later part of their life. They untiringly work on their deep desire of reaching great heights and be famous. These individuals like to help others and often indulge in social work and community upliftment. They have enterprising ideas and excel well in the fields of marketing, trading, and mining. These natives are always ready to step out of comfort zone to taste success and fame. Though their progress is slow, they never get stagnated in their life. They are strict and serious about finances, make great fortunes only after mid age of 40s.

Saturn makes them struggle with expressing their feelings and ideas regardless of their inner core being very emotional. They often strike as self-conscious and reserved people. Some natives also face challenges in expressing themselves sexually. Undignified Saturn can make the native turn fickle minded and emotional blackmailers. These natives may go against traditions and societal values, tend to taboo things setting a bad example for others.