Moon In Gemini

Moon in Gemini Sign, Talkative and Intelligent! - Moon in Gemini sign is a good placement for Moon. Gemini is a mutable, airy sign ruled by Mercury. Mercury, an earthy planet shares an inimical relationship with Moon, feminine watery planet. Mercury is the guiding planet for Moon in this position and the strength of Mercury accelerates the effects of Moon. Mercury bestows creative imagination, vivid manifesting abilities and eloquent through Moon. These natives are intelligent, clever, and knowledgeable. Their mind and thinking patterns better in this placement of Moon. Strong Mercury opens up new possibilities with their intelligence and knowledge. These natives with Moon in Gemini are efficient at multitasking and are very versatile in nature. They are friendly, sociable, and cheerful. They are keen observers and have a different perspective. They have a sharp mind and are fully aware all the time. This ability makes them great mathematicians, mimicry artists, and research scholars. Their cognitive abilities and intellect make them successful writers or orators. They could be excellent healers or psychics if they channel their energies better. 

Natives with Moon in Gemini are outgoing and have a huge social circle. They make good money from their professional life. They have a great bonding with their family. Communication is their strongest suit, and their sense of humor goes hand in hand with the speaking skills. Native possesses an uncanny ability to make quip observations. They get attached to people fast and make good PR people. They have a calming effect on people and are great at diffusing conflicts and disharmonious situations. this works well in their relationship. Their constant communication and sensitivity in the relationship bring closeness. Their mind is always occupied making them churn out ideas or thoughts and are always in the lookout for new information. This often makes them mentally tired or restless.

Negatively afflicted Moon makes the native highly emotional, coy, and lonesome. They have slightly higher spectrum of desire to enjoy worldly pleasures, sometimes landing them in immoral situations. Moon also clouds their judgement in making the right decisions, or ability to distinguish good and bad. Crowded thoughts and emotions may lead the natives towards duality or depression. Natives feel a great deal of difficulty in labeling their emotions, since Gemini’s twin personality experiences way too many emotions at a time.