Moon In Leo

Moon in Leo Sign, Noble and Influential! - Moon in Leo sign is a good placement for Moon. Leo is a fiery sign ruled by Sun. Sun, a fiery masculine planet shares a friendly relationship with Moon, a watery, feminine planet. These contradicting energies balances out like maternal-paternal chords in native’s life. Sun is the guiding planet for Moon in this placement. Position of Sun in the horoscope determines the outcomes of this placement. These natives are highly confident, demand respect and dignity from everyone they meet with. They have an innate desire to be the alpha and lead the pack. They do not depend on anyone. They trust only themselves and rely on their own efforts. They are a perfect example of authority, power well balanced with emotional sensitivity. 

Individuals with Moon in Leo tend to have a dominant, fierce mother. They overpower the father figure and at times act like a father. They like to entertain others, make jokes, and indulge in deep conversations. They crave for stability in their relationship and friendships. These natives are the best companions, they are usually the rock of any relationship. They are reliable and dependable. They find righteous behaviour, good manners, and sensitivity attractive in the opposite sex. They are highly optimistic in nature and stay away from negativity and stress at all costs. If the Sun is strong in the horoscope, it furthers the native’s already powerful status to a nearly unstoppable success in life. Their courage, power and vitality will be very royal.

Natives with Moon in Leo are highly stubborn and egoistic, this creates challenges in professional life both as an entrepreneur or salaried person. No one can force them into actions they dislike or confront them. This could cause hiccups in marital relationship. They are also less forgiving in nature since they take morality and ethics to their heart. These natives hate to show their weakness or pose as vulnerable making them pile up their unprocessed emotions into depression. Their emotional wellbeing takes the first hit in case of Leo Moon-signs.