Moon In Libra

Moon in Libra Sign, Emotional Stability and Diplomatic! - Moon in Libra sign is a neutral placement for Moon. Libra is cardinal, airy sign ruled by Venus. Moon, a feminine watery planet shares a neutral relationship with Venus. The energy from these two feminine planets influences emotions and mind. Venus becomes the guiding planet in this placement. The strength of Venus in this horoscope determines the outcomes of Moon in Libra. These natives are highly passionate, understanding, and tolerant in nature. An individual with Moon in Libra is sensual and quite emotional. They are naturally inclined towards physical intimacy and are generous lovers. Moon in Libra also gives them charming looks. These individuals are very accommodating and have a broad perspective towards life situations. They love maintaining peace and harmony in life. They desire to align with justice and ethics. They have terrific emotional balance and handle volatile moments with stability. Their sense of balance is the key in calming emotionally wounded people. 

Moon in Libra natives are ambitious individuals and desire for pursuing pleasure and novelty. Due to strong feminine energies, they are very attached to their mother and maternal relationships. They are very adaptive in their relationships and are the ones who turn up first for patching up after rough fights. These individuals are sociable and love helping others when in trouble. They are quite popular among relatives and maintains a cordial relationship with them. They are polite & humble regardless of their fine lifestyle. They are diplomatic yet are persuasive and have a way with their words. They will be rich and famous if Venus is well placed in the horoscope. These natives will be highly skilled in their career.

Females usually have a strong influence on their life. Sometimes when Venus is undignified, these natives can have affairs outside of marriage and go through turmoil due to that. They do not achieve a sense of contentment with riches or pleasures making them hanker for more. They look for instant gratification and can be easily bored in life.