Moon In Pisces

Moon in Pisces sign, Fortunate and Romantic! - Moon in Pisces sign is an auspicious placement. Pisces is mutable water sign ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter shares a friendly neutral relationship with Moon. Jupiter is the guiding planet in this placement and strength of Jupiter defines the outcomes of Moon in this placement. Pisces as an emotional sign heightens the emotional sensitivity of Moon since Moon also relates to emotions and feelings. This position of Moon works out well for the native. These natives have strong intuitions, keen knowledge in spiritual scriptures. Their emotional stability and benevolence will be exceptional. These people desire for life filled with freedom and free will. They tend to be humble, polite, and pleasant in nature. This placement of Moon blesses natives with strong religious instincts and an inclination towards water elements or water related activities like deep sea diving or sailing. Moon in this sign is in 9th house from its own sign, Cancer and this house relates to fortune, luck, and wisdom. If Jupiter and Moon are strong in the horoscope, the natives perform exceptionally well in every filed they choose. 

Natives with Moon in Pisces earn a lot of happiness and wealth in life. They are naturally fortunate, artistic, and imaginative. These natives traditionally perform well as astrologers, good psychics and in the field of fine arts. They have exceptionally calm mind and even when they face negative situations in life, they are capable of detaching themselves from the negativity. Calm and balanced mind also promotes good health in these natives. Marital life will also be a bliss. Moon in Pisces with dignified Jupiter are generous and compassionate lovers. On the contrary if the Jupiter is undignified, these natives associate themselves with negative surroundings who can influence their mental strength negatively.

These natives set high expectations. Sometimes this becomes a source for unhappiness at work or in social circle when people fall short of these expectations. When the natives are unable to meet them, it leads to lack of mental peace, the core nature of this placement. Their super sharp sensitivity makes them greatly receptive to everyone’s emotions and they tend to absorb or deplete their energy like a sponge.