Moon In Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius Sign, Determined, Grateful and Disciplined! - Moon in Sagittarius is a positive placement in Vedic Astrology. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign governed by Jupiter. Jupiter, a masculine benevolent planet shares a friendly relationship with Moon, a feminine watery planet. This combination brings balance to the life energy. Jupiter is the guiding planet in this placement and the outcome of this placement is greatly reliant on strength of Jupiter. This combination makes the native very determined, balanced, and intellectual. They have natural tendencies to impart knowledge and wisdom. They tend to be spiritually inclined and knowledgeable. Moon in Sagittarius brings a strong sense of justice and morale. They constantly seek freedom from compulsive nature both mental and physical. They have strong decision-making ability and have an outgoing personality. These natives are usually the eminent people in their friends contact list and are honest, outspoken people. 

Natives with Moon in Sagittarius aids the natives to perform exceptionally well in the fields like coaching, banking, and law & legislation. They have an unquenched learning thirst in them and tend to be a lifelong learner. They are keen on learning and discovering new things. Their observational skills are quite accurate. Individuals with this combination have a philosophical mind and are guided by morality and righteousness. Dignified Jupiter can influence the auspiciousness and fortune in native’s life, this combination is abundantly rewarding and helps the native seize once in a lifetime opportunity. Jupiter along with Moon also makes the native humble and be readily available for selfless assistance.

Though they have an optimistic outlook towards life, sometimes, they are too idealistic. They believe in the idea of equality and fair justice. Fire element of Sagittarius makes the native’s straightforward nature often perceived as rude and crude. Because of their over confidence, they fail to learn from their mistakes. Poor placement of Jupiter can make the natives apply their higher intellect for unethical practices.