Moon In Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio Sign, Illusional and Paranoid! - Moon in Scorpio is a debilitated placement for Moon. Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Mars, a fiery masculine planet shares an inimical relationship with Moon, a watery feminine energy. Mars is the guiding planet determining the outcomes of Moon in this placement. Debilitated planets create an opportunity to accept and acknowledge our drawbacks to transform them to our highest strengths. Due to the debilitation and contradicting qualities of the planets involved, this placement is considered poor in Vedic astrology. When Moon is in Scorpio, the natives are likely to be frugal with their expressions, money, and life experiences. Though they might lack attractive features, their mysterious personality makes up for it. They have an innate ability to make accurate judgments about people and surroundings. This helps them fare well in their career and social life. 

When debilitation of the Moon is cancelled and forms a powerful yoga in the horoscope, it is called Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga. This yoga blesses exceptionally powerful intuition, psychological or emotional intelligence, and enterprising abilities as leader. Natives with this yoga are highly foresighted and possess great empowerment skills.

These natives with Moon in Scorpio are sensitive, kind and emotional people, often deeply swayed by feelings. Their mysterious mindset brings a deep desire to chase and decrypt the hidden truths about life. These natives are excessively sensitive and passionate in love. they are loyal and stable partners. They make successful investigators, researchers and love working behind the scenes. They have immense understanding about human psyche, also have a mysterious inner world inside their minds. Since, Moon is weakened in this placement, the natives might lack proper emotional nurturing from their parents. Insufficient parental affection can be a deal breaker for most of these natives.

Their passion and overly ambitious nature might help in their career but spoils relationships. Sometimes they become possessive and jealous in their relationships. They constantly try to control and overpower their partner. Despite a sensitive mind, they tend to keep their inner emotions to themselves making it hard for the other person to figure out. With Moon in Scorpio, their mind is often preoccupied by dark, negative thoughts. If Mars is undignified in the horoscope, the native are motivated by grief and envy. They are malicious and go to all extremes to tackle their enemies.