Moon In Taurus

Moon in Taurus Sign, Romantic and Luxurious! - Moon in Taurus sign is an exalted placement for Moon. Taurus is a watery sign ruled by Venus. Regardless of Venus being in an inimical relationship with Moon, they collaborate in this sign since both are watery planets. Their energies collide well to make this a balanced placement. Venus is the guiding planet in this placement of Moon. Natives with Moon in Taurus are very romantic, sensitive, and charming. They enjoy a luxurious lifestyle all their life. Their personality is very attractive and flamboyant. They have a beautiful glowing face with charisma. They are generous, kind, and charitable people. They have unbelievable sense of humor, intelligence, and music sense. They often posses strong desire for playing musical instruments or have mellifluous voice. Their thinking patterns resonate their kind heart and persistent sub conscious mind. They remain calm even when they are in the eye of the tornado. 

Since this is an exalted position for Moon, all the positive traits of Moon are amplified. They are an epitome of unconditional love, nourishment, and compassion. They make great caregivers in healthcare. These individuals bighearted and nurture people in whichever career option they choose. They shine well as interior designers, jewelry designers or musicians. They also make great friends or partners because of their loyalty, stability, and commitment. They are known to accumulate wealth in short time and reach the top position in their career. Their relationships tend to endure and enjoy a peaceful marital life. Their friends and family feel protected around these natives. Dignified Moon makes the natives trustworthy and sincere yielding an influential contact list. Positive placement of Venus affords riches and possessions to native’s life.

If Venus is negatively afflicted, the natives will use their beauty and charm towards selfish, negative purposes. They might also be very irrational and imbalanced with their ideas or emotions. They might be disloyal to their partner or have more than one relationship at a given time. Ironically, they might be extremely possessive in their relationships and cranky. Poor placement of Venus can also make the native shy and nervous instead of proven sociable skills of Venus. Their comforts and pampered situations also make them lethargic.

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