Moon In Virgo

Moon in Virgo Sign, Pragmatic and Overly Critical! Moon in Virgo sign is a favourable placement. Virgo, mutable earthy sign is ruled by Mercury. Mercury shares a friendly relationship with the Moon. Mercury is the guiding planet for Moon in this sign. When Moon is placed in Virgo, the natives will have attractive and sharp features. They will be eloquent speakers, philosophers and intuitive. Their persona displays purity, openness, and a sense of truthfulness. They process their emotions in a complex manner and often struggle to take things lightly. Their emotional quotient is highly uncertain. They love to organise things, and have a natural inclination towards designs, structure, and intricacy. They are very pragmatic and hardly have their head in the clouds. They are very quirky about hygiene and cleanliness. Their constant sense of curiosity and intellect takes them heights in their career. The make great astrologers, mathematicians, and professors/mentors. 

Individuals with Moon in Virgo are often known to indulge in religious pursuits, humanitarian activities and environmentalists. Having Moon in Virgo sign makes them an obedient child or their parents and a caring sibling. They usually have a childhood with good academic achievements. Their philosophical side keeps them grounded. They have a way with words, an eye for detail and a knack with interpreting or presenting data. Career domains like coaching, teaching, astrology, or mathematics suits them the most. They also create a successful career path as business intelligence and business analysts.

Their extreme analytical abilities, overly critical mind paints them neurotic. They also get hurt quite easily and struggle with low self-esteem due to self-criticism. They lack self-love and deny themselves any “me time”. Overthinking also comes across as a challenging trait in these natives. They are driven by intellect and logic that blinds their emotions. In the disguise of being practical they miss out on special moments relationships and in marital life. They are also keen on finding faults with people around. Following heathy self-criticism and constructive criticism, these natives can make the best out of this placement of Moon.